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  • Rivka Hozinsky
    To Everyone-who-feels-it-is-important-to-have- access-to-all-possible-sides-of-an-issue-before- making-decisions, It is my strong feeling that the media,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
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      To Everyone-who-feels-it-is-important-to-have-
      access-to-all-possible-sides-of-an-issue-before- making-decisions,

      It is my strong feeling that the media, overall, preys upon people whom
      they know have limited access to information and limited resources
      and/or education about particular issues.
      It is also my strong feeling that distributing and following medical and
      other types of advice which may have far-reaching consequences for
      people's lives, which are gleaned from TV news programs, is
      irresponsible and can be dangerous and destructive.

      Having said that, I must specifically take issue with and caution people
      about the article below that was recently sent out on DeafIllinoisNews.

      The most obvious question we must ask first is who is Dr. Mona?
      Many people with doctorates in one field of study use their titles to
      gain credibility in other fields in which they may or may not have true
      The second question has to be who are the sponsors of this "news" show
      in Fort Worth, Texas?
      Are the advertisers during the breaks pharmaceutical companies who have
      a clear, vested interest in making people believe their products are
      necessary for health?
      Is the American Medical Association involved in any way, financially,
      with this TV station?
      Surely there are many more potential conflicts of interest we could

      As for the body of the article itself, it is easy to take issue with
      almost every "point" made, but I will address just a few of the ones
      that bothered me the most.

      The assertion that "...immunizations are our most
      effective method to prevent disease..." is a bias of the Western
      medical/pathological mindset which groups people according to
      "disease," "disability" and "symptoms," a method foreign to most
      indigenous, holistic, natural and ancient systems of healing.
      I am not saying there is NO validity in the statement, nor that
      immunizations are all bad; only that such sweeping statements are a red
      flag for more of the same...

      Another point: the article never states that there is any conclusive,
      research-based, empirical evidence that rubella is associated with the
      other physical symptoms named.
      But from the tone of the article, the reader is led to believe that
      these connections are clear and require only some kind of report to be
      written up.

      After stating twice that Stephen's mother was not vaccinated against
      rubella, only towards the end of the article does the reporter admit
      that she "probably missed" the vaccination that prevents rubella.
      So which is it?
      Did she get it or not?

      And lastly, though the entire report focused on ONE case of rubella and
      its POSSIBLE, associated complications, the conclusion the reporter
      tries to get us to come to is that everyone therefore needs to be
      immunized for EVERYTHING when they are children.
      This certainly does not follow from what has been reported here, since
      only rubella has been duscussed. Also, some diseases the Western
      medical profession currently forces children to be innoculated against
      have already been virtually eradicated, rendering immunization
      superfluous. Some vaccines also come with potentially dangerous side
      effects, and worse.

      I hope everyone will read this article critically and gather much
      information and come to their own decisions based not on the medical
      profession's scare tactics and overcautious and sometimes unsafe
      "preventive" measures, but rather on facts.

      One source of information on "alternatives" to immunizing and the
      dangers of vaccines is Mothering Magazine.
      Conscious Choice magazine may also be a good starting place and can be
      picked up free in any health food store and many other places in the
      There are also a number of books on the subject on the market.
      If anyone is interested in reading and getting educated further, you can
      contact me at rivka@....

      Keep an open mind,


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      From: Jodi <jodoscraps@...>
      To: DeafIllinois@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Deaf IL News] Dr. Mona -- Importance of Immunizations
      Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 18:36:39 -0700 (PDT)

      From the newsroom of the KTVT-TV, Channel 11 News, Fort Worth, Texas,
      Thursday, July 29, 2004 .....

      Dr. Mona -- Importance of Immunizations

      Immunizations -- An Ounce of Prevention

      Because immunizations are our most effective method to prevent disease,
      often don't realize how much disability and devastation we haven't
      seen. I'd
      like to now introduce you to Stephen. His mother wasn't vaccinated
      rubella and she became infected with the virus when she was pregnant.

      Thirty-nine year old Stephen Wenzler was a rubella baby. Born with
      congenital rubella syndrome, he grew up deaf with limited vision and a
      defect. Now, as an adult, he's developing even more medical problems.

      "My vision became fuzzy and I already had a corneal transplant but it
      appear to be working well," said Stephen Wenzler, whose mother wasn't
      vaccinated. "Very recently, my family doctor discovered I have Type II

      At the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind youth and adults,
      O'Donnell heard many tales of adult rubella children developing serious
      late-onset medical conditions. So she surveyed the center's more than
      900-case database.

      "We found high instances of diabetes in the group, glaucoma,esophageal
      problems, gagging, vomiting problems with eating, some thyroid
      hormonal problems, and, in very rare instances a degenerative process
      in the
      whole body," said Nancy O'Donnell.

      The question is -- can these developing medical problems be blamed on
      rubella syndrome?

      "If we could get that documentation, then it would really improve the
      of services and care, in terms of longterm care as well, " said Nancy.

      O'Donnell is spearheading a project with the Centers for Disease
      Control and
      Prevention to find out if biological markers of the rubella virus
      persist in
      the body into adulthood. Such markers could be used to definitively
      the condition.

      Despite his medical uncertainties, Stephen is getting ready for a
      career in

      "I'm planning to go out into the world of work and I want to fully
      out there," said Stephen.

      Knowing what to expect with his health could be a big help in planning

      Stephen's mother probably missed her M-M-R vaccine when she was a child
      the R protects you against rubella. All of her future unborn children
      placed in jeopardy. Talk to your doctor to make sure you have had all
      your vaccinations.

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