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  • Paul Kiel
    Jan 17, 2014
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      Interested Student Interpreters and ASL students:

      I am working with Jane Meirose in setting up "Silent Night". We are waiting for approval from the administration to fund the event.

      They asked for any groups to have a social event at night from 10 pm to 2 am and NON-ALCOHOLIC event. They have grants to fun those vents.

      It is open to the campus people. We targeted Feb 8th for that event. The date is in TENTATIVE stage.

      We will be delighted to have you come over and visit. As soon as we get approved, I will let you know of official dates etc. We reserved a retreat room on campus for that event. The more the merrier.

      So in all feel free to join us in the first annual "Silent Night" - of course, it is not holiday theme. It is a night of fun and games with food and non-acoholic drinks. Admission is FREE.

      If you are interested in joining in ASL event on our campus, you can e-mail to me at kielpa@...

      Thank you!

      ASLingly yours,

      Paul Kiel

      ASL Instructor/Lecturer

      Quincy University
      American Sign Language Interpreting Program
      FRH 317 - Mailbox 99
      1800 College Avenue
      Quincy, Illinois 62301

      217-919-9647 VP