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Re: Late HI to ya all

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  • Colin Braddock
    ... stats ... rolls ... turn ... one ... irish ... And rightly so!
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 23, 2007
      --- In Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com, "scifi316 <scifi316@...>"
      <scifi316@...> wrote:
      > hi all :)
      > would of introduced myself earlyer but me conections been down much
      > of the week. just took me 3 hours to read through the e-mails :/
      > my names john but most ppl refur to me by my char name of shamus
      > cassidy, feared bounty hunter (by both party and vermin), a face
      > only a mother would love (char and real life).
      > the char of Sheamus has reach legendry status not through his
      > (which were pritty bad when created and no one thought would last
      > long) but through a cobination of good choce of edges ( no one has
      > withstood THE stare and THE voice of Shamus) the luckyist dice
      > when needed (on sevral ocations have wiped out mobs on his only
      > in a round) and (acording to the group) the best char acting (no
      > could speek after his 'death' seen)
      > i would say that my char was just your average tough as nails
      > bounty hunter but others have raised him to legend of the wird west

      And rightly so!
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