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Re: [Deadlands uk] news from deadlands reloaded

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  • jon.scholes@grattan.co.uk
    Seconded. Hello chaps. did i miss anything while i ve been away? Peter King
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 27, 2005

      Hello chaps. did i miss anything while i've been away?

      Peter King
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      27/07/05 13:12
      Please respond to

      Dissapointing for sure but as you said, it's just got to beeeeeeee perfect.

      Yaz Alick <yazalick@...> wrote:07.26.05
      Deadlands Delay
      Regrettably, my first big announcement is a
      disappointing one. We hoped
      to get Deadlands to you by GenCon. It isn't going to
      happen. As our flagship brand, Deadlands means a lot
      to us and everyone's expectations are high, so we have
      to make it as good as it can be. The product is
      superb, but it is a big book and there is a lot to get
      right before we release it.

      Unfortunately, this means there is no way we can have
      it back in time to show it at Gen Con. We will have
      display copies for those who want to get a sneak
      preview of the book, and a special taster scenario to
      whet your appetites for the main course, so drop by
      and check out what the wait has been all about.


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