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  • redwulf25_ci
    I started a thread a while back on the pinical boards about an idea that I had regarding an AB that used music to play the manitou into submission, it was
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2005
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      I started a thread a while back on the pinical boards about an idea
      that I had regarding an AB that used music to play the manitou into
      submission, it was pointed out to me that another had already created
      this at


      I took a look at it and found that I disliked how it had been done,
      especialy the fact that they were considered just another sort of
      huckster and the fact that they had only four chances to screw up.
      So I copyed B.D. Flory's files and made a few alterations, here is
      what I've come up with so far, although it's unfinished. Any input
      would be apreciated.


      The Devil Went Down To Georgia

      The devil went down to Georgia, he was lookin' for a soul to steal.
      He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind And he was willin' to make
      a deal. When he came upon this young man Sawin' on a fiddle and
      playin' it hot, and the devil jumped Up on a hickory stump and
      said "boy let me tell you what" "Now you play a pretty good fiddle,
      boy" But give the devil his due "I'll bet a fiddle of gold against
      your soul 'Cause I think I'm better than you"

      The boy said "my name's Johnny and it might be a sin but I'll take
      your bet and you're gonna regret 'Cause I'm the best there's ever
      been"The devil opened up his case and he said I'll start this show
      and fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bow Then he
      pulled the bow across the strings and it made an evil hiss and a band
      of demons joined in And it sounded something like this . . .

      (musical interlude)

      When the devil finished Johnny said, "Well you're pretty good old son
      just sit right in that chair right there And let me show you how it's

      He played Fire on the Mountain Run boys, run the devil's in the House
      of the Rising Sun, Chicken in a bread pan picken' out dough Granny
      does your dog bite no, child, no . . .

      The devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat and he
      laid that golden fiddle on the ground at Johnny's feet

      Johnny said, "Devil just come on back if you ever wanna try again I
      done told you once you son of a gun I'm the best there's ever been"

      Fiddling With The Devil.

      Every cowpoke knows that when he runs across a fella with a deck of
      cards, to watch his step. There's some folks out there that can do
      some right strange things with a pair of aces and a pair of eights,
      and I'm not talking about getting shot by Jack McCall.

      Not all magicians use cards to ply their trade, however. A few years
      back, someone down in Georgia decided to dance to a different tune.
      He taught a few folks how he did it, then they taught a few, and so
      on. We call 'em Fiddlers now.

      Now we're gonna teach you.

      God help you.

      Making A Fiddler First things first. We gotta tell you how to bet
      your soul, before you can lose it. Fiddlers must take the Arcane
      Background: Fiddler Edge. Fiddlers have, over the years, learned that
      the devil has a penchant for contests. More importantly, they've
      learned what he's willing to offer as stakes.

      New Edges

      Arcane Background Fiddler: Fiddlers can be the devil's own orchestra,
      or they can play backup to the heavenly choir. It all depends on what
      key they're playin' in. You've learned how to gamble with the devil,
      and win, you can purchase any Tunes listed in this document and
      generous Marshals may allow you to invent new ones or learn Tunes of
      their invention from NPC fiddlers. In order to take this edge your
      character must have at least one level of Performin' in any musical
      instrument (the Fiddle is traditional but there are rumors of some of
      Johny's students who have transposed these ability to other
      instruments. Guitars, harmonicas, and bugles are most common but
      there is a rumor that a German student of his plays the accordion.).
      The character must also have a minimum spirit of 1D8, the devil
      doesn't play for low stakes.

      Loosing your soul . . .

      No one wins all the time, and for fiddlers the price of loosing is
      high indeed. Every time a fiddler fails to make the target number of
      their Tune they draw a number of cards equal to the target number if
      any of those cards is a joker (either joker, that's the problem with
      these high stakes games) the fiddler looses a portion of their soul.
      If the fiddler botches then your out of luck partner, you don't even
      get to draw. A fiddler can afford to loose only a number of times
      equal to their spirit die type before their entire soul is lost and
      they become a servant of the Reckoners. Each piece of their soul that
      they lose warps them mentally, and at high levels physically. More on
      soul loss once I get it written.

      Johnny's Fiddle

      A lot of fiddlers think Johnny's original fiddle is still out there
      somewhere. Whether that's true or not, you'll have to find out for
      yourself. If it is, it is undoubtedly a powerful relic, useful only
      to Johnny's protégés. Good luck survivin' long enough to find it.



      Trait: Mien.

      Target Number 7

      Speed: 1

      Duration 1 wind per round

      Effect: Not even regimental drummers can get a man to wade hip deep
      into the walkin' dead. Not unless the drummer's a fiddler, that is!

      Bolster lets a fiddler lend courage, in the form of an upbeat tune,
      to his compatriots. Any allies within earshot gain a bonus to their
      guts tests equal to 2/success and raise on the fiddler's Performin'
      roll. This bonus lasts as long as the fiddler plays.


      Trait: Spirit.

      Target Number 9

      Speed: 1

      Duration 1 wind per round

      Effect: When most cowpokes want a fella to dance, they put a few
      slugs near his feet. Fiddlers just put on some music.

      This Tune allows a fiddler to force his opponents to dance. The
      fiddler can effect one person per success and raise. Once targets are
      determined, the cowpoke must beat his victim in an opposed test of
      Spirit or do nothing but dance to the tune, taking 1D4 wind damage
      per round. Each round the fiddler plays his targets may make another
      opposed Spirit check to break the spell. When the fiddler stops
      playing the compulsion to dance ends.

      Fiddle O' Gold

      Trait: Smarts

      Target Number 11

      Speed: 15 minutes

      Duration Instant

      Effect: This is the first Tune developed by a fiddler, and quite
      possibly the most useful. A man with full pockets is a man with a lot
      of options. To cast the hex, the fiddler must have some sort of empty
      container: most use their instrument cases. If the Tune is
      successful, the fiddler's container is filled with $10 gold coins,
      1D10 coins for each success and raise. As a side note, the "fiddle
      made of gold" mentioned in the song is a bit of poetic license on
      Johny's part, what the devil actually did is fill his fiddle case
      with gold coins.


      Trait: Smarts

      Target number 5

      Speed: 1

      Duration Instant

      Effect: Hit a note on your instrument just the wrong way, and it'll
      give out a shriek like you wouldn't believe. Some fiddlers do this on
      purpose, and here's why.

      Backed and amplified by the power of the manitu this Tune can stun

      The victim can make a Vigor roll to resist the effects, the target
      number for this roll is 7 plus 1 for every raise, alternatively the
      fiddler can use his raise to effect an additional target.


      Trait: Mien

      Target number 7

      Speed: 3

      Duration 1 hour per success and raise

      By playing a soothing melody a fiddle can lull listeners to sleep. If
      the target fails a Spirit check against the Fiddlers' Mein he will
      fall asleep for one hour per success and raise on the Fiddlers'
      playin' check, a Fiddler can also choose to sacrifice duration to
      effect more targets but they must have at least one raise to do so.
      One additional target can be effected for each raise the fiddler
      receives but raises used in this fashion do not increase the
      duration. Only targets that naturally sleep can be effected by this
      Tune. All targets resist waking as if they were heavy sleepers,
      targets who ARE heavy sleepers already get twice their normal penalty
      to awaken.

      Evil Hiss

      Trait: Mien

      Target number 8

      Speed 1

      Duration Instant

      This tune causes the Fiddles instrument to produce an eerie sound
      causing listeners to make a Guts check. The target number for this
      check is the result of the Fiddlers' Performin' check. For each raise
      one additional target can be effected.
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