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  • PEGShane@aol.com
    Hi all! Our server is tied up today uploading files to our printer, but the Tuesday update should be up around 6PM or so. Planned for today is: Rippers Errata
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      Hi all!
      Our server is tied up today uploading files to our printer, but the Tuesday
      update should be up around 6PM or so.
      Planned for today is:
      Rippers Errata
      Legion Product Announcement
      12 to Midnight Product Announcement
      Rippers Blisters News
      Here's the Legion and 12 to Midnight news now...

      Legion Publishing
      New from Legion Publishing is the first in our series of books for the Weird
      Wars roleplaying setting. Produced under license from Pinnacle Entertainment
      Group, these innovative pdf files are dual-statted for both the d20 system
      and Great White Games' Savage Worlds.

      In the depths of the jungle, something moves for the first time in
      centuries. Long forgotten, the bridge has remained buried at the bottom of
      the water for countless years. But it has been discovered again and, where
      once it bore the invading armies of Alexander across the raging river, now
      it will move again in the service of the imperial Japanese army. Unless,
      that is, your band of heroes can put a stop to the enemy’s plans. The armies
      may have changed but the importance of the crossing has not diminished over

      Somewhere in the heat and the humidity of the Burma jungle, a division of
      Japanese soldiers waits. Your small team must locate the force and discover
      if they have discovered a way across the river.

      Bride Across Time is a Weird Wars adventure written by Andrew Hind and
      illustrated by Jim Branch, and set in the jungles of Burma. In addition to
      the mission, this book includes additional horrors to be found beneath the
      humid canopies and rules to cover the unique difficulties of fighting and
      living in such inhospitable terrain. This pdf has been designed to be
      compatible with both the d20 Weird Wars rules and Great White Games’ Savage
      Worlds rules system and is the first in a range of dual-statted books from
      Legion publishing.

      So whether you are a veteran of the Weird Wars looking for additional d20
      material or a Savage Worlds new recruit, you’ll find new monsters and
      material to take you into the heart of the jungle, where it isn’t only the
      enemy that’ll kill you.

      And from 12 to Midnight...
      Welcome to Pinebox, Texas. There's gold buried in these hills...or at least,
      that's the local folklore. Join the Apollo Geocaching Challenge to race
      against other teams in search of a time capsule buried 100 years ago. Do you think
      you can succeed in 24 hours where two generations of treasure hunters
      failed? The race is on and the competition fierce. But be warned: there's much more
      to Pinebox (and the competition) than meets the eye. Some secrets are best
      left buried and some family trees best left unshaken.
      * A 3-part mini-campaign providing 20+ hours of game play.
      * 121 pages, including 19 pages of player handouts and 8 pages of GM
      * Fully bookmarked, plus a hotlinked table of contents page.
      * Includes color cover, illustrations, and helpful sidebars throughout.

      * Includes "printer-friendly" version with all artwork and sidebars
      * Bloodlines is a complex horror-mystery and is more suitable for
      experienced GMs.

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