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Re: Let's get the creative juices flowing... with a challenge

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  • Brian Knight
    ... The Dog was not feed agian, this made for the sixth time and he asn t felling to good...in fact he might need a place to lay down for a little....Why
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2004
      --- In Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com, "tennessee_nate" <nategarth@y...>
      > To shake things up I thought I would try to make a challenge to all
      > that are on the boards and stir some more interest in the Rascal,
      > Varmints, and Critters 3 (remember that)
      > Here it is I challenge everyone to come up with a creature with one
      > the following themes:
      > Death from neglect:

      The Dog was not feed agian, this made for the sixth time and he asn't
      felling to good...in fact he might need a place to lay down for a
      little....Why didn't they love him any more. They were never around,
      they never petted him, and hardly feed him. Under the porch would be
      nice a quiet.......sleep is comming quickly and forever.

      Abandon a pet or a person with Neglect and you could be in some MAJOR

      the creature is near a Ghoul, as it is a physical creature. It's
      physical stats are the same as in life, (So use what ever template
      you want) Now tag this creature to a person, if the person has been
      kiled to a place. Only a exercism can be used to remove the
      creature... NOW for the really bad news. In this creatures area every
      person suffers from night terrors. Dreams of Cold darkness. Of
      unrelenting hunger and God-awful sadness. The creature prefers to
      bite it's victims. They also move "quiet as death" and leave NO trail.

      Example the pet dog.
      Get his stats from a book.

      Extra if the creature was a child or baby every one suffers a -3
      penelty to attack it unless they spend fate chips (As if they were
      wounds) or they are Grim servents of Death.
      Good luck I would never want to be aginst one of these....

      > Death of an Innocent
      > Death brought about by revenge
      > Death brought about by someone who is above the law
      > Someone who has gotten away with murder
      > Death of a person who is trying to change his ways but never did
      > Death of a person who is not in their right mind when they died
      > Children's Tragic Death
      > A person who died in secret
      > A killer who kills lawful people.....

      The Killer searches for the law, the Holy and the Kind. If
      dignitaries or philanthropist(Rich do-gooder...I am a bad speller)
      start showing up dead.... One of the Black Hearts may be showing up
      in the area. Like other Zombies they are weak spirits taken dead
      bodies but they retain a little of the original spirit. Not enought
      to be Harrowed but smarter than the normal zombie. Maybe they were a
      babnk robber cought and hung, maybe they were a street strangler who
      who attacked the wrong person. For what ever reason they died and
      were pissed.

      This monster has an ability to detect it's prey EASILY, and they like
      the good, the rich and the lazy.
      one of the best ways of defeating them is to show them kindness, find
      out why they died and try to make it better...Good Luck. Of course
      lots of lead in head also works.

      > Think about it,
      > Thanks
      > Nate
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