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Re: Reckoning the Spam and Other Things

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  • Michael J. Scales
    ... always. Thing ... and we ... thing. It ... someone s ... around ... jump in ... Luckly for me, all three fit into one story. I once knew a player who made
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 22, 2003
      --- In Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com, jon.scholes@g... wrote:
      > Greetings one and all,
      > OK, we've had more spam, and they've been thrown off, same as
      always. Thing
      > is i can't see a way around getting it, we're a public group in the
      > roleplay section (which is the area for some really wierd people),
      and we
      > don't restrict people joining or posting, which i think is a good
      thing. It
      > just means we've got to put up with the occasional loon. Unless
      > got a better idea?
      > Anyway, It's past time we has some new content and conversation
      > here, so i'll kick it off with a couple of thoughts, feel free to
      jump in
      > with something of your own. So, can you name your...
      > 1. Favourite Weapon
      > 2. Best Mad Science
      > 3. Dumbest character idea you've heard Of, thought of or seen.
      Luckly for me, all three fit into one story. I once knew a player
      who made a ElectroMagnetic Railgun that fired Railroad spikes... I
      think he did it with the "Born on All Hallow's Eve" Knack and a
      legend chip. Unfortunately for him, the thing ended up needing a huge
      power supply (A steam wagon Ghost Rock Boiler to make enough
      electricity to fire it...) so he never got to use it in combat.
      However, in Chapter 3 of the devil's Tower Trioligy, he did have
      a "brilliant" idea to stop the train Stone was on. He and the posse
      drove the wagon several miles ahead of the train, lined up the sights
      and waited till it was in sight... then fired at the train. The
      result? The spike hits the main boiler in the train, causing it to
      explode and take out everyone in the engine and first car... not to
      mention two dozen more from the spike sailing through the other cars.
      They DID manage to hit Stone, and did get the Heart of Darkness
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