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941Re: [Deadlands uk] What going on in here?

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  • ashburnerx
    Aug 1, 2003
      Well Personally, I really do like a grand story arc over bare bones.
      It gives a sense of continunity and completion to the entire history
      and allows the players to actually participate in some of the events
      that shape the world they play in (Like "Bloody Sunday", which you
      can be at during "The Heart of Darkness" adventure. I can still
      remember when I ran though that one... all I can say is "Damn.")

      As for movies/games/books, try these...

      Shadow Hearts PS2(Ok, this actually takes place around 1912 in China,
      but parts of it take place in 1900. It could be fudged alittle...)

      Any WildARMS game (It's already kinda Wild West.)
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