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937Re: [Deadlands uk] What going on in here?

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  • jon.scholes@grattan.co.uk
    Aug 1, 2003
      What's this about Deadlands rebooted about then? or have i been asleep?

      To join the online game, nate, what you need to do is join the Yahoogroup,
      [Deadlands_UK_Online], and talk to the Marshall Merchand about joining in.
      Although with the 7 or 8 people that are playing at the minute, i'm not
      sure if there's room in that game.

      Anyway, as some of you might remember a while ago i asked for thoughts
      about a plot and ended up writing something that was a cross between 'The
      Quick and the Dead', 'The Terminator', 'The Jackal', 'Metal Gear Solid' and
      'The Running Man'. (If anyone's interested, i can post what the plot turned
      out to be). Point being, the posse has just got to the end of that story
      and survived, just about. Now i'm looking for another 5 or 6
      stories/films/videogames to wire together into a wierd and wonderful horror
      western tale. Anyone got any ideas?

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