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  • Peter King
    Jul 1, 2003
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      have always liked capoeria myself....we have two in the pot......who's next?

      Nathaniel Garth <nategarth@...> wrote:

      Name: Tennessee Nate Garth

      Sex: Male

      Age: 35

      Handedness: Left

      Wind: 14

      Pace: 4

      Size: 6

      Cognition: 2d6 Deftness: 2d6

      Knowledge: 1d10 Nimbleness: 3d8

      Mein: 2d8 Quickness: 2d10

      Smarts: 3d6 Strength: 4d8

      Spirit: 2d8 Vigor: 1d8

      Edges and Hindrances:

      Arcane Bkgd: Enlightened (3)

      Friends in High Places (2)

      Martial Art Training (3)

      Loyal (-3)

      Honorable (-3)

      Obligation: Moderate (-3)

      Skills, Hexes, Chi Powers, and Favors:

      Area Knowledge: Home County (2)

      Bluff (3)

      Chi (4)

      Climbing (1)

      Faith (3)

      Fighting: Capoeira (4)

      Guts (3)

      Horse Riding (1)

      Language: Native Tongue (2)

      Language: Spanish (1)

      Overawe (3)

      Performing: Singing (3)

      Professional: Law (3)

      Scrutinize (2)

      Search (1)

      Shooting: Pistol (1)

      Sneak (1)

      Chi Powers: Fury Fans the Flame

      Chi Powers: Many Arms of the Spider

      Chi Powers: Smoke Parts for Iron

      Chi Powers: Step Back to Ward Off Monkey

      Martial Arts: Back flip Kick, Handstand, Get up, Spin Kick

      Born the son of a Baptist preacher and a schoolteacher in the bustling railroad town in Chattanooga, Tennessee1. Nate was exposed to the finer things in life at an early age. Things like music, travel2, history, and culture. With very few children his age in his neighborhood, he made friends with a wealth of adults who kept him on the straight and narrow, respect for others, and lending a hand whenever possible. All of which believed in the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. At school he wasn’t the “best” student but he tried. He just seemed distracted. While at school one day Nate got into a fight and was beaten very badly. He quickly became another person, always wanting to do things with others, not wanting to be left alone, behavior that was not like this once happy child. Nate’s parents decided that let him learn some self-defense from a man called Tere’ Hana. Hana taught him the ways of Capoeira. This was the medicine Nate needed; he excelled to the
      rank of mestre (teacher) 3. Capoeira gave him the discipline to focus and the camaraderie he needed.

      With his newfound confidence, the next logical step for him was college. He started out decently at the University of Tennessee4, but his parents were taken ill, and once again he lost his focus, he was definitely not prepared for this. After getting kicked out he took a job as a clerk for District Attorney J. Wesley Millburn5. Millburn, Like Nate came from similar backgrounds. Showed him that anyone can make it. He made fast friends with another clerk Clifford Franklin6, who showed him how to shoot pistols. He made it through college and law school with honors7.

      After Law school he became a lawyer practicing near the now Judge Millburn8 in Louisiana, upon meeting his old friend and mentor again, Nate was introduced to the future in the form of Lisa Ashby, an engineer from Alabama9, who had mad quite a bit of money designing machinery for textile factories in the Yellowhammer state, after courting her for four years, they finally married and are living happily.

      I see my guy as an npc that you can use if your posse gets into legal trouble, getting things through connections; also he is an experiment in trying to make an alternative Martial Artist.

      If the railroad had not move to Atlanta, Chattanooga would have been as big as Atlanta today.
      As a boy I travel with a singing group that toured the continental United States.
      I do hold a Black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
      Kicked out of college several times.
      One of my best friends was an assistant District Attorney now a Judge.
      Another best friend is a grade school teacher a gun nut.
      Did graduate from college making the Dean’s List twice.
      See 5 above.
      My wife graduated from Alabama, and worked in carpet mills.

      Well what do think?

      Mike Lowrey: Hello?
      Marcus Burnett: We're your new neighbors.
      Mike Lowrey: Don't be alarmed, we're negros.
      Marcus Burnett: Naw man, naw! Too much bass in your voice. That scares white folks. You got to sound more like them.
      [In high pitched voice] Bad Boys 1995
      Marcus Burnett: We were wondering if we could borrow some brown sugar..?

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