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746Re: [Deadlands uk] Re: So, What did i miss?

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  • Peter King
    Jun 2, 2003
      rest assured everything is being taken into account, I like the scrapbook idea. Maybe seized from the scientist and put into a report, we shall see, Im still ordering critters and the like. and as for what goes in the book, throw anything you have into the fire, if it's good we will try and work it in there.

      colm lowery <colm_lowery@...> wrote:--- In Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com, jon.scholes@g... wrote:

      > RVC3 : I think it would be good as a official document book, like
      > ranger bible. (by the way, who fancies writing THAT?). but just as a
      > thought, how about a sort of secret scrapbook by a mad scientist.
      > stolen pages from rangers and the agents, analytical details from
      > Call it something like "Dr Storm's Scrapbook : RVC3" and have it
      like a
      > private logbook style thing but with pages from other sources
      tacked in. Am
      > i making sense there?
      > Also, are we going to have anything other than critters in it? my
      > run along the lines of critter based edges, hindrances, skills,
      hexes and
      > rituals with an adventure at the end? (I have actually got a nasty
      idea for
      > that if people want it)

      A man after my own heart :)

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