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745Re: So, What did i miss?

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  • colm lowery
    Jun 2, 2003
      --- In Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com, jon.scholes@g... wrote:

      > RVC3 : I think it would be good as a official document book, like
      > ranger bible. (by the way, who fancies writing THAT?). but just as a
      > thought, how about a sort of secret scrapbook by a mad scientist.
      > stolen pages from rangers and the agents, analytical details from
      > Call it something like "Dr Storm's Scrapbook : RVC3" and have it
      like a
      > private logbook style thing but with pages from other sources
      tacked in. Am
      > i making sense there?
      > Also, are we going to have anything other than critters in it? my
      > run along the lines of critter based edges, hindrances, skills,
      hexes and
      > rituals with an adventure at the end? (I have actually got a nasty
      idea for
      > that if people want it)

      A man after my own heart :)
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