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1393[Deadlands uk] Re: New Marshal advice

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  • grant
    Jun 20, 2011
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      I'm based in West Lothian, Scotland. I usually play with the falkirk RPG group and they usually run DnD games as well as a few other games like savage SLA industries, all great games as well.

      But to me there is nothing finer than a good old western showdown, couple this with a few zombies then i'm in heaven.

      Having run only one game and yet to actually play I'd love to here of any games going on in the U.K whether in clubs or at shows that i could possibly attend.

      I toyed with putting on a demo game at Carronade (falkirks war game show) A Quick and a Dead game using the whitewash buildings and a load of my own sculpts, but time wouldn't permit it, maybe next year?

      --- In Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com, Peter King <enlightenedinspiration@...> wrote:
      > Hey There,
      > The forum hasn't seen much activity for a while but most people on here are sill
      > very active on the Deadlands circuit and it doesn't take much to get em riled
      > up.... Welcome to the forum..., Where abouts are you based pardner?
      > Peter King,
      > Namaste, Dedicated Therapy Music
      > Deadlands UK, Forum of The Weird West in Great Britain.
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