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1391Re: [Deadlands uk] Re: New Marshal advice

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  • Andrzej Kowalczyk
    Jun 19, 2011
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      Hi Grant. 

      It's been ages since i played DL (prefer oldschool than reloaded) but as far as i recall, yes, you take all modyfing atributes ino consideration at dueling. Afterall, that's what they are for. 
      I might be wrong though... i'm a but rusty these days. 
      Havn't play for years, since my usual posse is far away, but in the 'good old days we used to play an almost 2years long campaign (once or twice a week, 5-4hrs at a time). 
      All im left with now is just me and my buddy. We are located in Glasgow so I can see a possibility here ;) 

      Have fun ;)

      On 19 Jun 2011, at 21:06, "grant" <darachstone@...> wrote:



      this was probably the main reason that the game became too long as the players were persuing area's that wern't important to the story and probably due to my lack of experience I induldged them to keep the game moving. hopefully I can get another game going soon and will perhaps use the one shots from pinnacle as a base instead of trying to adapt novels.

      On a seperate note more on the swex game mechanics. When Dueling and the test of wills Face off, it says this isn't a normal test of wills, so do the players use their attributes of smart and spirit or do they need to have taken intimidation and taunt as a skill so if not they will roll a d4-2.

      Not sure if there is much activity on this forum but i will post up some pictures of my sculpts and other stuff later on.



      --- In Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com, "Darthrose" <drphibes@...> wrote:
      > Some general suggestions:
      > Make sure the group is ready to play when you start. Make sure any eating is done, players have dice or anything else they need out. Don't let conversations sidetrack the game. I used to have a player who loved to de-rail the game with side conversations. And then get mad when you called him on it or wouldn't let his comments effect the game.
      > Some more specific suggestions. I realize you are new, but have realistic expectations about where the party will get to in one night. It WILL come with time. Also, "storyboard" unimportant items, again some thing that will come with time. Same player I mentioned above wanted to role play EVERYTHING, including mundane purchases like trail supplies. Or talk to every NPC the posse came into contact with. I eventually started using a technique I learned from another GM. If the players start going down a road that (A) isn't important or (B) non plot related, you can make some sort of gesture or comment letting them know. This is one I usually DON'T suggest to new GMs, since your players will use it as a "lie detector" to quickly find anything important in your game.
      > Hope these help!
      > --- In Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com, "grant" <darachstone@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I'm a real newbie to all rpg games and have only Gm'd once, and looking for advice and tips to running one off games. So far the first game of deadlands went fairly smoothly but we only got half way through, the game that i thought was going to be a quick 3hr session with the group (based in Falkirk btw) never came to a conclusion. Game slots are few and far between so the question is how do you go about planning the story and Gming the game to fit to a time scale.
      > >
      > > all advice is welcome as I'm a real greenhorn for both deadlands and gming.
      > >
      > > cheers
      > >
      > > Grant
      > >

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