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1268Re: [Deadlands uk] Deadlands Reloaded game in London (UK)

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  • Ben Turner
    Aug 1, 2008
      Hey Mark,

      Dates are fairly easy at the moment - I have got quite a few players
      interested in various bits of London on a variety of weekdays and
      weekends, but far from anything resembling a proper posse yet !

      Monday evenings would seem the ideal time at the moment - I think
      there is a group (London Gamers - also on yahoo groups) who meet up
      near Tottenham Court Road in a pub called the Black Lion.

      Otherwise I am based near Kings Cross, so somewhere North London is
      good - guess you are looking to be nearish to Euston if we game,
      presuming your heading back to Tring afterwards.

      Also I'd not heard of Gamesfest (just getting into the convention
      stuff this year) - spoke to a few of the Pinnacle chaps at the UK
      games Expo - might try and come down and play in some Deadlands demos
      for better inspiration (I am quite new to that system and setting, to
      be honest).

      Let me know if any of that sounds good, or if other dates / venues may
      suit !


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      > In a message dated 30/07/2008 09:09:56 GMT Standard Time,
      > ben.turner@... writes:
      > Ben , I work in London/live in Tring - I love Deadlands!
      > I am also the Gamesfest organiser ( 04/10/2008 ) and Pinnacle are
      > When do you plan to play?
      > Regs Mark
      > www.gamesfest.co.uk
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