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1234Re: [Deadlands uk] Re: LAST SHOT AT THE BIG TIME

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  • jon.scholes@grattan.co.uk
    Dec 12, 2005
      I took interest...... (i did you know)

      Hey guys. isn't it about time you crawled out from hiding too? Who's here,
      who's not, and who's still playing deadlands.

      oh, and who would like take the latest reigns at Marshalling the DL online

      Just a thought, since things have been awfully quiet around here for quite
      a while.


      Peter King
      <innomne@... To: Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com
      .uk> cc:
      Sent by: Subject: Re: [Deadlands uk] Re: LAST SHOT AT THE BIG TIME

      09/12/05 16:47
      Please respond to

      lol, Well if They still accept it now things have gone on a while then I
      understood from Simon lucas that it would be tripple stated. With regards
      to submissions, everything that has been done or submitted is included in
      the file uploads that are already here, no one really took much interest
      and I havent recieved anything additional since posting the files.

      tennessee_nate <nategarth@...> wrote: Two Things

      1. Will RVC 3 be in the Savage Worlds Format?
      2. Could you put up a list submission you have received?



      --- In Deadlandsuk@yahoogroups.com, "Peter King" <innomne@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Folks,
      > Over the next day or so i'm posting up some files to the forum
      which I
      > hope everyone can get involved in. RVC 3 is progressing really well
      > but I need a creative break so I am turning over the actual
      > and illustrations to the forum. Read, review, comment, add stuff,
      > do what you do.
      > I'll be back to see what has happened with it then collocate all
      > suggestions and writings together with names of those involved and
      > it into some kind of order then get it off to the publisher for
      > final word on the subject.
      > Really hope you guys can get involved, the pinnicle forum is great
      > it has really damaged the traffic on the deadlands yahoo groups.

      Deadlands High Role playing games American west Edge of
      madness Civil war


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