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1227Re: Deadlands and Deadlands Reloaded

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  • jamiemalk
    Oct 24, 2005
      Hi. This is my first post here so if this is a bit wierd, I can get it
      out of the way now...

      Personally, I found hexarcana to be one of the worst source books I've
      read for deadland. The "extra powers" were all very weak, in my
      opinion, and felt like they'd been all shoved into this book for not
      making it into the main arcane background sourse books. It also had
      very little background info on any of the character types, other than
      metal mages, which i found unnessisary/downright silly.
      I agree that law dogs is not all that nessisary, unless you plan on
      having alot of mundane plot, as it's a big book o' guns and famous
      people who use them.
      I'd recomend playing with what you've got for the moment, and decide
      what you need based on how the game starts going. If you like indian
      stuff, get ghost dancers, if huxters are important, get Huxters and
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