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1219Deadlands and Deadlands Reloaded

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  • Jon Padgett
    Sep 20, 2005
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      Thats an interesting selection. Personally I agree about the Hexarcana, but would never recommend anyone tried Lawdogs as I found it largely useless. As for either RVC book, they are fun, but not exactly essential.

      What I would suggest (And I can't remember if you said you already had it) would be Book of the Dead to along with Hexarcana. That should keep you covered for most types of character archetypes. The others (Texas Rangers, etc.) are fun, but not exactly essential.

      After Hexarcana & Book o the dead, the next good "books" to get are the "world books" for places like The Maze, City O' Gloom, Lost Angels, Doomtown, etc. These are wonderful sources for plot hooks and add some great flavour to your games.

      I hope thats helpful.

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      Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 07:22:26 -0400
      From: Butch Rosenbalm
      Subject: Deadlands and Deadlands Reloaded

      Howdy and welcome to the DL,
      I would suggest the following books: Rascals Varmits and Critters and RVC
      2, Hexaracana and then maybe Law Dogs. Then the more specialty books for
      ideas and "specialty classes". Meaning the Men In Black Dusters for Agency,
      Lone Stars for Texas Rangers. Hexarcana adds lots of "spells" for Blessed
      and Shamans and Hucksters. Depending on how you are planning your game, you
      might consider it first. RVC is the book for monsters and such, the "monster
      manual" if you come from D&D. I personally like RVC 2 better for the
      individuals whom are in it. (you'll have to see so I don't spoil).
      I've heard different things for DL Reloaded. I think it's going to answer
      some long held questions, probably have some new rules and what not. But on
      this, I could be wrong. Again, if you come from old D&D, think Unearthed

      Marshall Rosenbalm

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