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1193Legion Publishing - RECRUITING WRITERS

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  • robsterdobster
    Apr 15, 2005
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      Hi folks

      I'm looking to recruit some writers for our new Dime Novel line of

      If you have written or have ideas for a Deadlands adventure then why
      not get in touch. We are keen to support the Deadlands product line
      for both classic and SW versions and need your expert help!

      General guidelines for submissions are found on our website:


      For Dime Novels, what we will be looking for is a great plot with
      cool characters and written in an interesting and attention grabbing
      style. Submissions must be between 13,000 to 14,000 words in length
      with full character stats written for Deadlands Classic rules set.

      Our Dime Novels do not have the story part. We decided to get
      straight into the adventure! We will only publish adventures.

      Don't send me finished adventures - just a synopsis in the first
      instance. This can be a page describing the plot in broad terms,
      character types and monsters involved. If we like it we send you a
      writers contract. Would hate for anyone to spend to long on an idea
      if it's not suitable.

      Then we discuss a fee and a "realistic" deadline which we both agree
      is suitable, sign the contract - then it's up to you to turn in the
      goods. Payments are made when Dime Novel is published.

      Any maps in an adventure require a quick sketch (no need to be a
      Leonardo - just get your ideas down) to be submitted with the

      Please email me regarding this rob@... or through
      to submissions@...

      Many thanks

      Robin Elliott

      Legion Publishing