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1057[Deadlands uk] Re: Flexible as a 2x4 in the Desert.

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  • Colin Braddock
    Jan 18, 2004
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      Okay, here goes:

      1: Probably gonna get blasted here, but my all-time favourite
      character isn't actually a DL character! He was a Castillian nobleman
      from my 7th Sea game years back called Francis Cortez (someone out
      there knows his full name!), and anyone reading this who knew him is
      grinning like a good'un right now. That was Frank's gift: he could
      make people feel good about themselves. For over a year and a half,
      Frank was the lynchpin in my campaign, and his death, while tragic,
      is still to this day spoken of in awed whispers. I'll never forget
      his duel on the bridge over El Rio de Dios, with his true love dying
      nearby and his arch-nemesis Villanova gloating over Frank's bleeding
      eye. Truly epic.

      2: How about John Carpenter's The Thing? Set it in a town halfway up
      a mountain in Colorado, have a snowstorm block all exits, have a body-
      hopping critter leap from victim to victim, looking for a perfect
      host, and let the paranoia begin! For a truly Braddochian (my own
      word) twist, tell the party at the end that all the creature's
      victims were already dead of exposure, and the "alien" was in fact a
      manitou looking for a body, which could've been any one of them if
      they'd died!

      3: I'm less interested in other eras for DL than i am in other
      locales. For instance, me & a friend were going to work on a
      Victorian London book set at the same time as DL:WW, but interest
      seemed minimal. Personally, I think there's something unbeleivably
      cool about consulting detectives, evil sentient fog and a Harrowed
      murderer called Jack. Any thoughts?
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