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1032Re: [Deadlands uk] Re: Flexible as a 2x4 in the Desert.

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  • Brian Rosenberger
    Nov 2, 2003
      <1. Tell us about the coolest character you have ever seen. One of
      your own,
      or someone else in the posse, or a top-notch NPC.
      My Half Chinese Half Irish Martial Artis Micheal Wong. He's got the instilled disipline and Training of the Martial arts training and The temper of an Irishmen . He ended up with a 5d12 Vigor and a 3d10 strength and survived a 15 round hanging before someone cut him down ( with no wounds )

      <2. How would you convert one of your favourite films into a DL game.
      points for the film not being a western.

      Any James Bond Film (( Huge JB fan) although the books are better).
      Bond could be a Agency Agent / Gunslinger.
      Most of his villian would be Normal ( as in Hellstrom is normal ) Villians
      Jaws would have to be some sort of abomination ( I'm still wondering about the whole survive reentry with just a suit on thing) He would give Stone a run for his money.
      Loads of Steam-tech
      and supercharged steam wagons

      <3. Think of a good topic of discussion.

      New Eras of the DL universe after DL and before HOE
      Mainly the 20's-70's
      ( How mean would a DL universe World War be or a DL Veitnam)


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