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1011Everything You Wanted To know About Aces & Eights

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  • Peter King
    Oct 2, 2003
      Ok, this is my last rant on the subject as I am sure those of you who
      have ordered the CD will soon be making up your own minds and forming
      a lynch mob to come get me...

      Just thought I would present a few details that are not on the
      website and give thanks to some folks involed.

      So we shall start with the cast,

      Composer, Medwyn Goodal, www.medwyngoodal.com
      Producers, Shane Hensley & Peter King
      Artist, Zeke Sparkes & Kelly Bennett

      Feedback, The Entire Deadlands UK Possee, and those many kind
      individuals who gave of their time to listen and offer constructive
      critism on the music.


      Special Features

      Recorded in full surround sound
      Recorded from hollywood sound scripts

      Standard Information

      8 Tracks of music all approx 6mins 25 seconds long

      1. Rascals Varmint's & Critters (Gunfights and collateral Damage with
      some very moving guitar and wonderful western baselines)

      2. The Possee Cometh (Rushing to the Scene over the mexican desert
      with inspiring guitar acousics and plenty of horses).

      3. North & South (Something to depict the horror of war with battle
      music, charging, battlefield abiance and some of the most gory sounds
      you are likely to hear)

      4. Ghost Rock Rumors (Ghost Towns, haunted saloons and bad weather, a
      wonderful suspensful track which sets any possee on edge)

      5. Saddles & Stage Coaches (From the town of departure to the high
      planes, wonderful orchestral peice with all the majesty of the wild
      western trails, not without a considerble hint of malice)

      6. Ghost Dancers (Native American Tribal chanting and ritual music,
      Enough Said.)

      7. The great Rail Wars Blues (Sat in yer Caboose with yer harmonica
      and cheap whyskey, trully a track that stands out on it's own for
      it's quality and mood inspiring instumental backdrop.

      8. Aces & Eights. (The hardest track to put together, take a fully
      surround sound crafted trip around a casino from the door, to the
      pianola, to the bar, to a table, just don't get shot)

      You can hear samples of all of these tracks in the medley constucted
      by myself and shane which resides here


      Anyone else has any questions, please post em, now it's released all
      my enthusiasm for the project is back at the forefront and it has to
      go somewhere.

      Keep ridin folks
      Official Manufacturer of the Law Marshals Badge & Producer Of Aces &
      Eights. A Soundtrack for the Weird West