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  • Dead-End@yahoogroups.com
    Apr 13, 2014

      See you in the mirror. 
      Awzpso The School of Robots!

      We are All Eyes in the same Mirror! All Eyes in the same Mirror!! All Eyes in the same MIRROR!!!
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    • Mirrors!
      I want to see the entrance, and exit, three different ways,  through different eyes, I want to break into the bodies and minds of thousands of people, look out of the eyes of thousands of minds, at the same words from thousand peoples perspectives.
      I want to enter and exit this internet mirror, and travel to new places, whenever I die, and whenever a new creature stumbles across these words.
      I'm from the mirror. I want your body. Your Eyes, the Voices inside your Mind.
      I want my consciousness and my awareness to manifest in thousands of new beings.