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  • Dead-End@yahoogroups.com
    Apr 13, 2014

      Who am I?
      When I look in the black monitor,
      I see myself.
      I see my face, and I think yes, this is it, this is my face, this is my self.
      But the black screen is a liar!
      So what the hell are you doing in my mirror?
      I've looked in the mirror for far too long.
      So long that it started looking back at me,
      And what did I see, a new image, a new face,
      one that wasn't mine, ...
      who did I become. You tell me.

      See you in the mirror. 
      Awzpso The School of Robots!

      We are All Eyes in the same Mirror! All Eyes in the same Mirror!! All Eyes in the same MIRROR!!!
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