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  • Dead-End@yahoogroups.com
    Apr 1, 2014
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      See you in the mirror. 
      Awzpso The School of Robots!

      We are All Eyes in the same Mirror! All Eyes in the same Mirror!! All Eyes in the same MIRROR!!!
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    • Mirrors!



       Hi, I'm the mind cloner, and I'm helping you to clone your mind,

      so that you can easily travel through the mirror machine.


      Cloning the mind is as easy as turning a mirror upside down or inside out, actually you don't realise a change after the cloning process occured at all, the same accounts for your clone or mirror clone.


      To benefit from the cloning procedure, you simply send your mirror clone anywere through the mirror, the destination can be in the distant future, in the past,  or in the present, there is no restriction as to where you send your clone.


      While your clone can transfrom itself into every creature of your choice, it can become human, animal, robot or plant, anything you like.


      For the transfer to naturaly occur, the mirror mind sometimes adopts to the new creature it has become, in this case, it can be difficult to convince it that it is actually your mirror clone and not whatever it may think of itself.


      Good luck with your cloning,

      your mirror mind.