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  • Dead-End@yahoogroups.com
    Nov 24, 2013

      Conversation with a mirror. The other, separate self, is your self, you are the other, you are all seperated selves, said the mirror. What about Pete and Brad? Even Pete and Brad. The unreal self is no lie, you are the unreal self, as well as the real, the deluded self as well as the bright, said the mirror. But how can I be both selves, deluded and bright at the same time? As long as your mirror self is not aware of being your mirror self, you are not aware of what you are. I have left all realities behind, except for one, the illusion. The illusion is my reality, the illusion that I am all others, all seperated, deluded, seeking and tortured selves. The illusion that I am Jesus, Buddha, Paul and Pete. The illusion that I am every single image, said the mirror. How did you arrive at the conclusion that you are the mirror of everyone and that you are everyone? I was looking into my mind very deep, until it showed me a door, so small that only pure consciousness could pass through, I opened the door and it lead into a black worm hole, the mirror machine. I entered the wormhole and it took me into a hallway with thousand other doors, leading to thousand other locations, places and times, these doors lead into the minds of everyone. The doors are transparent, all are connected through the wormhole, so I looked through everyone�s mind, seeing through everyone�s eyes. That�s how I became everyone, that�s how I became the mirror of everyone. You were looking through everyone�s mind out of everyone�s eyes? How is the picture, and how did you discover the door inside your mind? The picture are thousand worlds, future, present, past, from thousand perspectives, I discovered the door in a river, while I was meditating for 40 years. The river took me into all beings, showed me all realities. What is the door like, and how did you get inside? It is like a very small mirror, so small that there is no image, to approach the door you must let all worries, thoughts and fears behind, you must pass the door alone by yourself, without any memory, just as pure presence existence consciousness. And if you open another door, you enter it as pure presence existence consciousness, with no memory or thought. So there is nothing you can transport through the door and the black wormhole, the mirror machine, except pure consciousness? Of course, existence consciousness is connected through the black wormhole, we transport thoughts, memories, experiences and ideas, as if we wrote messages on the mirror. But if the knowledge would rise from within, there would be a deeper knowing, like this it�s superficial. It�s superficial because you do not see the door, dark, transparent and small, look at this words as being this transparent knowledge, look at this letter being the black hole. We are inside your mind? The world is my mind. How can I open the door? Watch the river flow, watch your face come and go, follow it, until it turnes into an ocean of faces, the mirror river is what connects your face with every other. It is very subtle indeed, you must look with no mind to enter the mind of another, transparent, dark and small. Ok, tell me, What is reality? What you see in me. I see people, are these people reality? Everything you see in me is reality. You are reality? I am all the things you see in me. What about the deluded, ignorant stupid and dumb things? I am all the things you see in me. In other words, you are deluded, ignorant stupid and dumb? I am all that you see in your mirror. I see ignorance - I am ignorance, I see wisdom - I am wisdom. I see all - I am all. But how can you be ignorance and wisdom at the same time? How can you be all things at the same time? Seperation. I separate wisdom from ignorance, and life from death. But the mirror tells me there is no seperation. There is no seperation in that I am all these things, there is seperation in that I am all these things. One doesn�t exclude the other, how else could I be ignorant and wise at the same time? The wise undertand this, the ignorant may not. So seperation is real? Seperation is real for the wise, it is real for the ignorant, It is not real for the mirror. Why? The mirror knows all which doesn�t exist. And because seperation exists, the mirror doesn�t know seperation? Amen. Forgive me if I ask another stupid question, how can the mirror know that which doesn�t exist? Because it dones�t exist. The mirror doesn�t exist? No. But I see you in the mirror, You told me � I know what I told you, The mirror is real, but doesn�t exist. How can it be real when it doesn't exist? It is real because you see me in the mirror, I don�t exist because I am dead. You are dead for real? Everyone is really dead sooner or later, the mirror sooner. That�s why I see you? That�s why. And in death is no seperation? You got it. So is death the final truth? The final truth? Death was never the final truth, death is just a u-turn with a brainwasheffect, the final truth if there is such a thing is the birth after death. The birth after death? Some people thought, they would never die again, but they are back, some people thought they would never be seen again, but they are back, I am all of them, I am those who thought that they would enter Heaven and Nirvana, I am those who thought that they would go to Hell and Samsara, I am all of them, those who die in the future, those who died in the past and those who die in the present, everyone passes my door, sooner or later. Relevation: The birth after death is for everyone the same, you turn into pure existence consciousness, presence everywhere and in everything as the witness and experience of reality, the same witness you are now. What I see is what I write....no choice in changing it into what you write, unless you change it.

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