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Fwd: Re: Delorean World Tour

In the springtime, there will be three Deloreans coming to Houston on their Delorean World Tour. See http://www.deloreanworldtour.com/. Thomas and I are
7:51 AM

New DeLorean book now available for ordering!

Pre-orders for signed/personalized copies of Barrie Wills new book, "John Z, the DeLorean and Me...tales froman insider" are now being taken at
Nov 7

Re: BTTF 2 at the Alamo Drafthouse

If anyone has pictures from BTTF at the Vintage Park location, please send them to Thomas Kidd. Shannon
Oct 26

BTTF Tomorrow Night at Mason Rd. in Katy and at Vintage Park on

Don't forget that tomorrow,Wednesday October 21st, that Alamo Drafthouse will be showing BTTF at their Vintage Park Location on Louetta and their Mason Rd
Oct 20

Fwd: DeLorean lovers unite; dreams come true

Please contact Sarah if you can help. ... Received: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 05:05:59 PM CDT From: "Sarah E. Monks" To: birdwells@... Subject:
Oct 16

Re: Back to the Future on October 21st

I can probably make the Mason Rd showing, but I was hoping that one of the AMC's or the Palladium would request our participation since they are showing all
Dennis Urech
Oct 12

Back to the Future on October 21st

As you are aware, October 21st is a big day for BTTF fans. I've been forwarding to you the various requests that we have been getting for a Delorean. On
Oct 12

Fwd: DMC-Club

We have a request for a Delorean to show up for a radio station on the 22nd. If you can help, contact Stephani at the telephone number below. It's in
Oct 12

Re: DeLorean Film for October 21, 2015

Mine goes to 160 MPH also. Might get there with a rocket assist! Brandon #6500 Sent from my iPhone
Brandon Mims
Oct 10

Re: Fwd: DeLorean Film for October 21, 2015

One of ours does too! Heath On Oct 10, 2015, at 7:20 AM, Kimberly Terrell K-Terrell@... [DeLoreanTexas] wrote: Ours
Oct 10

Re: Fwd: DeLorean Film for October 21, 2015

Ours goes to 160! :) Sent from my iPhone
Kimberly Terrell
Oct 10

Re: Fwd: DeLorean Film for October 21, 2015

Ben, I'm a DeLorean owner and just wanted to let you know that the standard speedometer in most owners cars only goes to 85 mph. The movie version of the car
Dennis Urech
Oct 9

Fwd: DeLorean Film for October 21, 2015

... Received: Thu, 08 Oct 2015 06:25:49 PM CDT From: Ben Billups To: birdwells@... Subject: DeLorean Film for October 21,
Oct 9

Re: Fwd: Back to the Future Marathon

Shannon, I am going to Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park on the 21st. I did see on the Showboat drive in website, they are showing BTTF on the 21st also. They are
Brandon Mims
Oct 2

Fwd: Back to the Future Marathon

We have the two Alamo Drafthouse locations that will be showing BTTF on Oct 21st. If someone would rather go to Bryan for a BTTF showing please contact Clint
Oct 1
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