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BTTF SHowing at Meador Park in Seabrook June 9

Back to the Future will be showing at Meador Park in Seabrook on June 9th. See this link:
Apr 24

Re: Delorean Referral...

If anyone can help Glynnis please contact her directly. See information below. Regards, Shannon ... Received: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 09:31:40 AM CDT From: Glynnis
Apr 18

FW: DeLorean

Hi Gloria, Thank you for your email. I'm forwarding your email to the Delorean group so that anyone who is able can contact you. There is a DFW Delorean group
Apr 6

Fwd: Request For Assistance

Below is a request for a Delorean for an event in the Dallas area. Please respond to Mike if you can help. Shannon ... Received: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 05:30:49 PM
Apr 1

Fwd: Delorean Referral...

Below is an email from someone looking for a Delorean for a surprise birthday party. Please respond to her if you can help. Shannon ... Received: Fri, 31 Mar
Mar 31

Delorean Tech Day on Saturday

Just a reminder that there will be a tech day this Saturday at my house. Let me know if you can make it so I can have an idea of who is coming. My address is
Mar 30

Tech Day April 1

I'm extending an invitation to everyone to come to my house on Saturday April 1 (one week from tomorrow) for a tech day. I don't have as much space as Jeff but
Mar 24

Fwd: BTTF DeLorean

If anyone can help Mr. Meyer, please contact him. Shannon ... Received: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 12:47:52 PM CST From: George Scott Meyer
Mar 10

Re: St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 11. 2017

Too many of our staff are out of town that day - this event typically falls around Spring Break (and I'm out of town - at least until Nickole goes off to
James Espey
Feb 27

Re: St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 11. 2017

We didn't have enough people sign up for the parade so we won't be going as a group. Tech Day was great. Thanks to Jeff Cooke for hosting us. Shannon ...
Feb 27

Re: St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 11. 2017

That's too bad. I was looking forward to the event. I'll probably just participate in a local parade in my area. Would have been a good promotional thing
Dennis Urech
Feb 27

Re: St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 11. 2017

That appears to be the case. I had hoped that some support would be obtained from attendees of the Tech Day but it doesn't look like that was the case. Refunds
James Espey
Feb 27

Re: St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 11. 2017

I assume since there were no other announcements regarding additional people signing up that we did not get 10 people and we are not participating. Is this the
Dennis Urech
Feb 25

Delorean Tech Day Changed to February 25th - TOMORROW

Tomorrow is the Tech Day at Jeff Cooke's house. We start at 9:00 am. Directions are in email below. Be sure to bring parts you want to sell/swap or give away.
Feb 24

Fwd: [DeLoreanTexas] Re: St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 11. 2017

We need five more. Shannon ... Received: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 10:37:14 AM CST From: "James Espey james@... [DeLoreanTexas]"
Feb 22
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