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Re: from the project bench: hopper toppers!

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  • Adam
    Just as a slight correction to Randall s Hopper Topper story I wanted to point out that they weren t a failure ... they were really only meant as a temporary
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2008
      Just as a slight correction to Randall's Hopper Topper story I
      wanted to point out that they weren't a "failure"... they were
      really only meant as a temporary solution to handle the record grain
      harvests of the late 1970's. It was cheaper to clean out surplus
      coal hoppers and put fiberglass tops on them than to buy new covered
      hoppers. Adam

      --- In DaytonNDPendentNScale@yahoogroups.com, "Randall L. Smith"
      <ihscoutfan@...> wrote:
      > in the 70's and 80's, both chessie and conrail atempted something
      > that failed face first. both railroads put fiberglass "toppers" on
      > 100 ton coal hoppers to make makeshift grain hoppers. it never
      > on. in the 80's mckeen made a version in HO but never was an N
      > version available.................well, until now. basically what
      > did was sent the mckeen version to a company in california and
      > will scan, shrink and rapaid prototype me masters to make molds
      > of for the new N scale version of the "hopper topper". even though
      > not widely popular, it was still in use during the era's we model
      > i'm sure we'll sell a few on ebay. once again, adam and i stive to
      > create the strange and unusual because....well....we are the
      > and unusual. it's one of those projects that big companies would
      > never attempt yet is perfect for a small time resin caster like
      > myself. i should have everything back within 2 weeks, i'll post
      > pictures as the project continues forward.
      > other projects on the work benck are still in progress. the anti-
      > vandal panels for the MT open autoracks are still looking like a
      > it's finding the time to perfect the look which being a personal
      > project doesn't take high priority at the moment. i just finished
      > decals on the ICG 86 foot grenville and i'm puting the finishing
      > touches on it within the next week.
      > work on the layout is zero and will be for this year. we'll set up
      > the layout a couple of times just to make sure everything still
      > for the november train show. the economy and lack of space gave us
      > option other than ditching any efforts to work on the layout.
      > that's it for the update. we'll post more as time allows or my mom
      > says i can.
      > i should have never turned off those darn parental controls :-)
      > randall
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