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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1669

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  • CharlieBear(CharlieC.BrownJr.)
    Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1669 Large selection of replica title belts - www.WrestlingSuperstore.com Exclusive wrestling news being broken around the clock
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2003
       Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1669

      Large selection of replica title belts  - www.WrestlingSuperstore.com

      Exclusive wrestling news being broken around the clock at

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      | (_) | .` | |__ | || .` | _|   Thursday August 28th 2003
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         By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Aloha. The backyard wrestling documentary 'The Backyard' opens tomorrow
      in New York. Make sure you check it out as it's a niece piece of work
      for any wrestling fan. Director Paul Hough worked hard on this one and
      it is paying off with all the awards. I was one of the first to see this
      movie last year and it rocked. So fans in New York, go see it. It's
      worth it.

      Order now the new RAW Heavyweight and United States replica belts!
      He's one of the greatest Superstars to ever step foot inside the squared
      circle.  Shawn  Michaels'  wrestling  career  had many ups and downs and
      everything  is  featured in this fantastic 2 disc DVD set which contains
      footage  from  his  early days and all the way to WWE glory. The DVD has
      tons  of extra footage which aren't available on the VHS version. Get it
      now from


      - In weekend ratings, Velocity pulled 0.7 rating with a 1.4 share,
      Confidential did a 0.6 with a 1.4 share and Heat did a 1.0 with a 1.9
      share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by

      - Former WWE Tag Team and Cruiserweight champion Matt Hardy suffered a
      concussion last week at the hands of Rey Mysterio and was taken off from
      active duty during the Smackdown! tapings on Tuesday. Hardy got his
      lights knocked out last week after Mysterio delivered his West Coast
      Pump from the top rope and Hardy landed on his head while turning.
      Although Matt participated during this week's Smackdown! tapings, he did
      not wrestle to avoid further damage. WWE.COM has an interview with V1
      which you can read at http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1234635

      - The following matches are taped for tonight's Smackdown! on UPN. Chris
      Benoit vs A-Train; Rey Mysterio vs Nunzio; Eddie Guerrero vs John Cena;
      Undertaker vs Big Show vs Brock Lesnar. The show, which was taped from
      El Paso, TX., is mainly centered around the US champ Eddie Guerrero who
      got a hero's welcome from his hometown crowd!

      > SMACKDOWN!
      - A total of eight markets will pre-empt tonight's Smackdown! for
      alternative shows. These are New York; Philadelphia; Dallas; Detroit;
      Orlando; Baltimore; Oklahoma City; West Palm Beach. These pre-emptions
      will certainly have a big effect on the Smackdown! numbers from Nielsen
      which will be released tomorrow. All the mentioned markets will air
      Smackdown! on Saturday or Sunday. A complete line up of the airings can
      be found at http://smackdown.wwe.com/preview.html

      - These videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports chart for
      the week ending September 6th. 'Brock Lesnar - Here Comes The Pain'
      debuts in the first place followed by another new entry, 'Bad Blood
      2003' in second. 'From The Vault - Shawn Michaels' is in fourth,
      'Wrestlemania XIX' takes the ninth place and 'Judgment Day 2003' wraps
      up the list in the tenth position. All mentioned videos can be purchased
      from WrestlingMegastore.com

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 10.30, a 0.48% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 10.05 - 10.30.


      RAW TAWK
         By Ginger, [GLRSS@...]

      Hey, Readers!  Welcome to the only wrestling column on the 'Net you can
      read without your parents' permission! Well, *one* of the only. . .  Ah,
      nevermind. . .

      To set the mood, I'll ask a question:  Is everybody ready for "back to

      Yikes!  Kind of mixed feelings on *that* subject, huh? 

      Well, moving right along. . .  Let's talk about Heat for a couple
      minutes before we move on to RAW. . .

      It's summer. They're in Arizona. It's over 110 degrees. We know this
      because they showed us a shot of a thermometer. So, why the HELL were
      Coach and Al sitting outside??? When it gets over 75 degrees, I don't
      want to be anywhere but in front of an air conditioner!

      I'd like to know the *real* story behind why the Zach Gowen/Matt Hardy
      match was removed from the SummerSlam card. Anyone know?

      Okay, enough about Heat. Anyone who read the SummerSlam predictions I
      did with my buddy Jeff knows that my psychic powers are nonexistent.
      Congratulations to my PPV Predictions Partner in Crime for his nearly
      flawless forecast, and also to my beloved, Stardogg Champion - of Planet
      WCW - for his practically perfect prognostication!  Now, wipe your face
      off and let's tawk about RAW!

      Contrary to what many people may believe, I was not happy to see footage
      of a battered and bloody Goldberg at the top of RAW.  However, seeing
      him portrayed as a human - needing to be helped as he stumbled away from
      the Elimination Chamber - was kind of refreshing.  Sure, it took a
      brutal match with five other guys, plus a sledgehammer and all the
      members of Evolution to get him that way, but at least we now know
      Goldberg bleeds the same color as the rest of us, huh?

      Sadly, Goldberg was back to his same old snotty, spitting self when he
      appeared in the ring on Monday night.  How much beating does it take to
      put a dent in this man's ego?  I'd really like to know. . .

      Ooooh!  Molly's not just mean. . .she's EVIL!  I like that!  She's been
      practicing her acting!

      As D-Von Dudley waited impatiently to be tagged into the match last
      Monday, his leg was jittering so fast, you could tell he was *really*
      eager to get into the action.  Either that or Bubba was scratching him
      behind the ear. . .

      Chris Jericho mocking Linda McMahon's passionate moans and groans kind
      of made me. . .  Well, it kind of made my tummy feel funny.  You know,
      like when you climb the rope in gym class?

      (I love movies! They're chock full of material for me to steal!)

      Hibbity Dibbity!

      Wow! They said "@sshole" - uncensored - TWICE on RAW!!!  What is this?
      South Park?  Next thing you know, they'll bring back Ken Shamrock just
      so they can kill him off every week!

      Get it?!?

      Auntie Ginger's Favorite Sign of the Week - "Orton Makes Me Randy!"
      Ah.  A girl after my own heart!  Except that my brother's name is Randy,
      so that phrase kind of creeps me out!

      I don't blame Eric Bischoff for Coach's heel turn.  I don't blame Stone
      Cold or even J.R.  No, I blame. . . JERRY LAWLER!!!

      But, that's cool.  I like Coach as a heel.  As a matter of fact, he may
      just be my new hero!

      I wonder what the exact "peepulation" of Tucson, Arizona is?

      Wouldn't it be funny if Shane O'Mac did his cute little backwards
      shuffle. . .right off the edge of the stage?

      Did you guys notice Jericho's little "homage to Stacy Keibler" ring
      entrance?  Thank God Scott Steiner wasn't there, looking at his ass
      while he did it. . .

      How many cans of gasoline does it take to set Shane McMahon on fire?

      . . .or, Kane, I guess. . .

      This may make me unpopular with the Smarts of the World, but I thought
      the ending of RAW was STELLAR!  PPV quality, even!  I cannot WAIT to see
      if, when and how they bring Kane back after that!

      I have a few ideas of my own, but this is not the time or the place for
      that. . .


      On that note, I'm out 'til next week.  Until then, be sure to visit
      TheRingPost.com and check out the latest edition of "Dear Auntie Ginger"
      right here:


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