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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1560

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  • CharlieC. BrownJr.(TheCharlieBear)
    Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1560 Exclusive wrestling news being broken around the clock at http://www.wrestlingdotcom.com _ _____ ___ ___ _____ _ ___
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
       Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1560

      Exclusive wrestling news being broken around the clock at

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         By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey. Kinda early today. It's 9AM PST here and I'm not sure if I will
      have Internet at the new hotel today or tomorrow so if you don't hear
      from me till Wednesday you know why. Since RAW is in Seattle I skipped a
      flight and moving to a different - and cheaper - hotel than this one.
      Tomorrow I fly to Spokane for Smackdown! and Wednesday I fly to Las
      Vegas where I should have Internet in my room again.

      Pictures from WM, Axxess, the breakfast brunch, RAW and SD! will be
      online by the end of this week or early next week. I have some very nice

      That's all for now. See you on....hm....don't know, depends but
      Wednesday the latest. :)

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      - The buzz is over, WrestleMania XIX came and gone. And a new WWE
      Heavyweight champion was crowned. In the main event of the night, Brock
      Lesnar managed - barely - to defeat Kurt Angle with an F5 after the
      planned finisher - an impressive shooting star press - went wrong. A
      quick improvise by Angle helped cover the botched spot a bit by pinning
      Lesnar but the Minnesota native kicked out and delivered another F5 for
      the win. After the match, both Superstars hugged twice which got them a
      long standing ovation from the crowd. In the other World title match,
      the immortal Triple H defeated Booker T with the Pedigree. Match was
      fairly good but crowd wasn't into it that much. Flair did a good job at
      ringside and his facial expressions were absolutely priceless.

      In other matches: Matt Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio in under five
      minutes. Match was good but ended quite early. Nice way to get the crowd
      going. Limp Bizkit did a great performance of 'Rolling' complete with
      dancers and Undertaker came out to that song with his motorbike and an
      American Flag. He continued his WM record to 11-0 by defeating A-Train
      and Big Show. Nathan Jones only did a run in - thank God. Trish Stratus
      became the new Women's champion in an excellent three way match against
      Jazz and Victoria. All three worked hard and clicked together like a
      million bucks; Team Angle kept their tag team gold by defeating Rhyno &
      Benoit and Los Guerreros. Not as great as it could've been and ended in
      less than 10 minutes; Chris Jericho lost to Shawn Michaels in a very
      good match. Michaels stepped up to the occasion and delivered big time
      and Jericho was good as usual. Both of them used each other's moves
      throughout the match. Afterwards both hugged but Jericho gave HBK the
      low blow. Typical heel stuff; Hulk Hogan defeated Vince McMahon in the
      Street Fight in one bloody match. Not special from any wrestling
      standpoint but the two had a nice fight. The 'holy sh!t' moment came
      after McMahon used the ladder to jump on Hogan who was laying on the
      Spanish announce table. The sound he made was just unbelievable. Crowd
      popped huge for Piper who made the special appearance but turned on him
      quick after he hit Hogan. After the match the fans gave McMahon - helped
      by his son Shane - a standing ovation for his efforts; In a nearly 20
      minute brawl, The Rock finally got his win over Steve Austin. Tremendous
      match. It took three rock bottoms from Rock to pin the Rattlesnake.
      Austin was all smiles at the beginning of the match. Great stuff as
      these two never disappoint when they face each other. Plus Rock was
      totally awesome with the Austin jacket. After the match Rock wiped his
      face and went to kiss his mom, grandma, and his wife who were ringside
      opposite of the hard cameras.

      Random notes: Ashanti did a great job of singing 'America The Beautiful'
      and the crowd popped big for the war images. A USA chant broke out
      afterwards; Nice opening video, but dammit, they're cheap for using
      parts of last year's WrestleMania opening. Couldn't they shoot new ones?
      Gooooldberg Gooooldberg Goooooldberg. 54,097 people seemed to be excited
      about him when the commercial aired as the stadium went nuts; And what
      about the pop for Piper? Wow. After everything he said against WWE I for
      one was surprised he was even on the show. Let's hope it's not Hogan vs
      Piper at WrestleMania XX; What about the Miller Cat Fight Girls and
      Stacy and Torrie? Wooohooo. Too bad they didn't do the segment in the
      ring. B@stards!

      - As Kurt Angle was laying in the middle of the ring, Brock Lesnar
      climbed the ropes and performed a Shooting Star Press off the top rope.
      However he didn't fully rotate and ended up landing head first. Lesnar
      was completely out and Angle went to cover but kicked out. Lesnar then
      did another F5 on Angle to close the match. After the show went off the
      air, Lesnar spent around 15 minutes in the ring trying to get his senses
      back as several WWE officials and paramedics rushed to the ring. Lesnar
      left on his own feet although he was still looking knocked out. Michael
      Cole who was doing commentary almost fell off his chair when Lesnar
      botched the move and both he and Tazz looked very worried.

      - WrestleMania XIX broke the SAFECO Field all time attendance record
      yesterday by managing to attract a total of 54,097 fans for more than
      $2.76 million in gate money. Axxess attracted over 10,000 people at $40
      a pop and $37,000 were raised for the American Diabetes Association.

      - It's not an actual movie, but it's a documentary called 'WrestleMania:
      The Movie', shot over the past few days in Seattle for a feature on UPN.
      WWE.COM reports that over 36 hours of high-quality film footage were
      shot for this documentary which will give the fans a look at how WWE
      Superstars prepare for WrestleMania. Cameras followed several Superstars
      from their hotel rooms to the entrance way and back to the locker room
      after the match. The show will be a one hour special.

      - Undertaker will be needing elbow surgery and will go under the knife
      come April 10th. Taker said in an interview that there are so many bone
      chips and spurs in his left elbow, as well as cartilage problems that
      the joint won't straighten, limiting the moves he can do. Total recovery
      time should be around four weeks. Meanwhile Kurt Angle will be having
      neck surgery. In an article by WWE.COM, Angle stated that there might be
      a chance he'll be out for 2 months only after talking to a neurosurgeon,
      instead of a whole year. The procedure is completely different and Angle
      is willing to give it a try. Scott Hall underwent the same procedure and
      Angle talked with Hall regarding the matter according to WWE.COM. The
      website has the full story about it which is very interesting to read
      and you can check it out at http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1214251

      - As expected by many people, WrestleMania XX will be coming to you live
      from Madison Square Garden on Sunday March 14th 2004. This was announced
      during the pay-per-view with a cool looking video. Those who had the WWE
      Travel Package for this year's Mania were given a leaflet saying that
      they will be contacted as early as next month to buy the new WM XX
      travel package. Since Madison Square Garden cannot hold more than 20,000
      people with a good set it means that tickets will be much more expensive
      and travel packages will cost more as well.


         By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]

      What a WrestleMania. 54,097 people crammed into a covered Safeco Field
      saw one of the WWE's better WrestleManias, which delivered a lot of good
      action, a few surprises, and an ending we'd rather not have seen.

      With the clocks over here moving forward an hour earlier on Sunday,
      WrestleMania in the UK didn't start til 2am (well, 1am if you count the
      ad-break laden Heat). I'm not going to go into every match in detail;
      but instead, here's the views from a Brit who's just had three and a
      half hours sleep since the end of the PPV.

      Starting with Heat, John Cena's rap-off was (when it got underway) a
      right laugh. Taking the piss out of the two who'd turned the WWE down
      (either up front, or by preferring a few nights in the slammer instead),
      before making a joke out of themselves. and here was me thinking the XFL
      was a taboo subject in the WWE.

      The Raw tag titles have become a joke - with the belts being "awarded"
      following William Regal's illness. Tell me, why the heck are all the
      major belts on Raw being awarded these days? Anyway, RVD was bumped off
      of WrestleMania for a second year on the bounce, and he ended up jobbing
      to an ELBOW DROP. Guess he's still-ah in the dog-house-ah for trying to
      crush-ah Triple H's throat-ah.

      WrestleMania's opening with Ashanti singing to a backdrop of stills from
      the Iraq war was kinda dodgy to say the least. Still, at least they're
      not wheeling out Sgt. Slaughter as an Iraqi sympathiser again.

      The wrestling got underway with Matt Hardy retaining his belt over Rey
      Mysterio. Hey, I often wonder how they got away without having Mattitude
      on WrestleManias too. anyway, the match was a bit of a let down in my
      book, giving it just five minutes. If Heat had been SmackDown's this
      month, that match would have been relegated to MTV.

      A nice touch in having Limp Bizkit break out Rollin' for the Dead Man,
      but was it really necessary to have all this egotistical crap about Limp
      Bizkit being the WWE's favouritest band in the world? That's kind of a
      middle finger in the faces of Saliva, Drowning Pool, Motorhead, and any
      other act who's worked for the WWE.

      The Undertaker kept his WrestleMania winning record alive with a
      handicap win over A-Train and Big Show. Normally, I'd complain about how
      the Taker buried talent like this; but since they don't have any, let's
      move on. Nathan Jones' debut was put off again - maybe the WWE realised
      that having an ultra green rookie debut at the biggest stage of them all
      wasn't such a good idea.

      Bleh segment with the Catfight Girls. How the hell can two people with
      no discernible talent make WrestleMania, yet we have a shedload of
      people in the back who'd give their right arms just to appear on the
      show? Note to the production team: cut the mics when the segments are

      The women's match was better than your average WWE women's title match,
      with the triple threat stipulation causing some interesting teamwork. in
      my opinion, Jazz didn't have a hope in hell of winning - the WWE aren't
      going to switch the women's title from heel to heel, are they?

      The SmackDown tag title match was unexpected - I didn't see Benjamin and
      Haas retaining their belts against Los Guerreros and the Benoit/Rhyno
      teams. I had a feeling that the ending of this match was botched (with
      the pause between the pinfall being made, and the Team Angle music being
      played). Then again, that could be down to the production team having an
      off day.

      I was looking forward to Jericho/Michaels, and boy, they didn't
      disappoint. Maybe Shawn's faith in religion was being questioned when
      his Johnny B Badd/C-2000 pyro-confetti guns started acting up with him.
      A good match from the two, with only the ending ruining the match.
      Surely the WWE can't do a Jericho/Michaels rematch, so what was the
      point in having Jericho cheapshotting Shawn after the match?

      Remember Sylvain Grenier? Half the crowd seemingly didn't.

      Limp Bizkit again. the edited version of Crack Addict was good, but the
      full song sucks in my book. Following Limp, we had the catfight which
      went all of 40 seconds, and provided the most unwelcome visual since Mae
      Young's puppies. Please Coach, stick to what you're good at - being
      humiliated by the Rock.

      Triple H vs Booker T was the reason why HHH's matches are getting next
      to no reaction. When the WWE wheel out a "5x" t-shirt for Booker T on
      the eve of WrestleMania, you can take the hint that Booker isn't going
      to make it 6x. anyway, HHH did a good job of selling Booker's threat
      throughout the match, but in the end, Huntah got his win back from Raw.
      Hey, with predictable exchanges of wins like that, who says the Raw
      world title picture isn't dead?

      Vince v Hogan wasn't the main event, but lived up to WWE expectations
      (you know, the "match looks crap on paper, but they pull off something
      rather decent"). Heavily gimmicked, including a WWE first in having a
      Spanish Announcer take a chairshot and blade (man, I'd hate to pay their
      insurance premiums). Nice shock tactic by the WWE in wheeling out Roddy
      Piper to turn on Hulk Hogan. Where are they heading with this though?
      Piper/Hogan, or Hogan/Shane?

      Rock/Austin wasn't as good as their previous 'Mania encounters, but at
      least Rocky ended his losing streak over Austin. With a (reportedly)
      dodgy neck, all those Rock Bottoms can't have been good for Austin, but
      at the end, Stone Cold managed to come out of the match looking strong,
      despite doing a job. Question though - the letters "OMR" on his vest. do
      they stand for "One More Run", and is Stone Cold really on his way out?

      Lesnar/Angle raised the bar for everyone in every sense. Whether it was
      in gutting out a match through injury, or simply putting on a wrestling
      show (without too many stalling holds), the real main event was mightily
      impressive - especially given Angle's injuries. It's typical though, you
      spend all match cringing at every bump Angle takes, then Brock Lesnar
      nearly kills himself with a Shooting Star Press. I bet Billy Kidman's
      stock hasn't moved as much in years as it did when Brock tried the SSP.
      With the news that Kurt Angle could only be out for a month (how in the
      hell can you go from a 12 month rehab period to a month, without some
      major sacrifices in your quality of life at some point down the road),
      maybe this storyline could carry on for a lot longer.

      'Mania ended early with Brock shaken up from his botched SSP (nicknamed
      by some as the F-*ck Up). the few reports I've seen from people live at
      the event (including the editor of this fine publication) reckon that
      Lesnar was swarmed by trainers and medical technicians after his match.
      I hope any damage is temporary, because the last thing the WWE needs is
      another top liner out with a neck injury.

      So, WrestleMania 20 at MSG. See you there then!

      Finally - two words this week: Brock Lesnar - holy sh*t.


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