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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1535

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  • CharlieC. BrownJr.(TheCharlieBear)
    [wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1535 Largest selection of WWE JAKKS figures - www.WrestlingSuperstore.com Exclusive wrestling news being
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2003
      [wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1535

      Largest selection of WWE JAKKS figures -  www.WrestlingSuperstore.com

      Exclusive wrestling news being broken around the clock at

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         By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey. I don't think there will be a newsletter tomorrow so we'll be
      back on Sunday with more news and an article from Ian Hamilton.


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      - The Rock appeared on Byte This! earlier on and said that his upcoming
      feud with Steve Austin starting on Monday will be off the charts. Rock
      expressed a lot of interest in the program and said the fans won't be
      disappointed with what they have in plan for Monday night on RAW. He
      added that since his 'Get the F out' promo on Austin, the two met and
      made peace. Rock said he may do some work in April before leaving again
      to shoot his next movie, 'Walking Tall' which starts in May. The former
      champ also talked about Vin Diesel, who many movie critics say he's the
      next big action movie star along with The Rock. He said that Diesel is a
      good guy and met him before and when asked who would win a fight between
      the two, Rock joking said that he would kick Diesel's teeth so far down
      the throat that he would need to stick a toothbrush up his @ss to brush
      'em! The Goldberg subject was touched as well, with Rock saying that
      there's still a chance for Goldberg to come onboard but that's in the
      hand of Vince McMahon.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Ray Currie attended the Smackdown! tapings on
      Tuesday at the John Labatt's Center in London, Ontario and sent in these
      off air notes. After the cameras stopped rolling, Lesnar dragged Heyman
      back to the ring and made him sit in the center. Heyman told him that if
      he got F5'ed, Angle will make him suffer at WrestleMania and "make him
      more useless than a woman from Canada". Lesnar then asked the crowd if
      they want to see him F5 Heyman and everyone screamed yes. Lesnar then
      proceeded to give Heyman his finishing move.

      - W-O Newsletter readers 'Filliesr' and Wesley Solomon attended the
      first leg of the Smackdown! brand tour of South Africa in Cape Town
      yesterday and sent in these results and notes: Mark Henry defeated John
      Cena; Funaki defeated Jamie Noble; Matt Hardy defeated Billy Kidman;
      Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit; Team Angle defeated Los Guerreros and
      Rey Mysterio & Rikishi; Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie; Brock Lesnar
      defeated Big Show & Paul Heyman. In other notes, Edge came out and told
      the people he's glad to be here but cannot wrestle due to his upcoming
      neck surgery; Cena rapped about Cape Town and received '@sshole' chants;
      After the Team Angle/Rikishi & Mysterio match, the rest of the heels
      from the locker room came out to help Team Angle but Kidman, Chavo,
      Eddie, Rey and Rikishi who came to the rescue all gave Team Angle a
      stinkface! The faces did an individual performance with Funaki doing the
      Spinaroonie, Kidman doing the a worm, Chavo and Rey did some latin
      dances, Eddy did the salsa, Edge did the running-man, Rikishi did the
      robot style dance and Benoit did...well, we don't know! Brock Lesnar got
      the biggest pop of the night from the sold out crowd!

      - Smackdown! did a 3.5 rating with a 5.0 share, up 0.1 from last week's
      3.4. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by

      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports
      chart for the week ending March 8th 2002. 'Survivor Series 2002' is in
      third place, 'Divas Undressed' is in fifth, 'Armageddon 2002' is in
      sixth place followed by 'Hits & Disses' in seventh, 'Summerslam 2001' in
      eighth, 'Summerslam 2002' in ninth place and 'No Mercy 2002' wraps up
      the list in the tenth position. The mentioned videos can be purchased
      from WrestlingMegastore.com on VHS or DVD.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 8.30, a 2.22% increase over the previous closing. The
      day's range was 8.07 - 8.35


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