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Dawn Marie Biograhy

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    The following Biography is from Dawn Marie s Official Website dawnmarieonline.com In January of 1995, Dawn Marie made her pro wrestling debut on an independent
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2002
      The following Biography is from Dawn Marie's Official Website

      In January of 1995, Dawn Marie made her pro wrestling debut on an
      independent show in New Jersey. While pursuing a modeling/acting
      career, Dawn had a chance meeting with friend Jonathan Gold, who had
      asked Dawn to sign several promotional posters for a company she was
      modeling for. The discussion turned to wrestling and Gold discovered
      Dawn was a wrestling fan and set up her first appearance on a show
      run by former WWF star, Hillbilly Cousin Luke.

      Dawn managed Tony Atlas against Jimmy Snuka that night and
      her "paying dues" apprenticeship began. Dawn began appearing at more
      local Indy shows throughout the Northeast and Michigan. She managed
      such stars as Jimmy Snuka, Buddy Landel, Tony Atlas and Tom Brandi as
      well as soon to be stars Crowbar (then Devon Storm), Steve Corino and
      Simon Diamond (then Lance Diamond) regularly.

      After almost three years on the independents, Dawn's big break came
      in the summer of 1998 when she was contacted by Bubba Ray Dudley to
      come in for a tryout at the ECW Arena for Extreme Championship
      Wrestling. Dawn was paired with Lance Storm against former partner
      Chris Candido, who was being managed by Tammy Sytch (formerly known
      as Sunny). ECW owner Paul Heyman immediately loved the pairing of
      Storm and Dawn and invited her on as a full time manager.

      Dawn would become a member of the "Impact Players" with Storm, Justin
      Credible, Jason and Jazz. She would help them go on to win the ECW
      World Tag Team Championship from Tommy Dreamer and Raven. They would
      hold onto the titles until Credible decided to vacate them to capture
      the World Heavyweight Championship.

      Lance Storm would leave ECW a few months later for WCW and Dawn would
      switch from manager to on air personality by adding color commentary
      from time to time with Don Callis and Joey Styles on TNN. She would
      return to managing in August of 2000, when she appeared in the corner
      of Steve Corino to challenge ECW Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible.

      Corino would capture the gold one month later with Dawn in his corner
      but Dawn would later turn on him. Two months later, Dawn returned to
      the ring with her real life fiancé, Simon Diamond and his tag team
      partner, Swinger. The three were gaining momentum when ECW closed in
      January of 2001.

      Dawn Marie worked in the independents with Diamond for over a year,
      as well as doing a few shows with the upstart XWF.

      In May 2002, Dawn Marie made her WWE debut on Smackdown! as Dawn
      Marie Rinaldi, a paralegal for Vince McMahon. She is on the verge of
      getting in a feud with Stacy Keibler over McMahon.
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