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last night's show (and intro)

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  • Lami
    Hi, I m Lami and I just joined this list after seeing Dave and Tracy s Bound for Glory show in Ithaca last night. The first time I d ever seen them or heard
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
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      I'm Lami and I just joined this list after seeing Dave and Tracy's "Bound
      for Glory" show in Ithaca last night. The first time I'd ever seen them or
      heard their music was at Falcon Ridge this year, and my wife and I were
      hooked instantly.

      Last night they did 3 30-minute sets (with 30 minute breaks in between,
      lots of time to go up and meet and buy). The house was packed, we stood
      until the second set when a few seats became available, but it was SRO all

      They seemed surprised that so many people were mouthing the words (or
      outright singing along) to "Gentle Arms of Eden", so by the end of the song
      Dave called for the audience to sing along with the chorus and went through
      it a few more times. They said it was the first time they'd ever done a
      singalong... of course, Tracy mentioned that so few of Dave's songs have
      repeating choruses, that wasn't too surprising. Later on Dave challenged
      the audience to try it again on "Highway 80"... no takers that I could tell :)

      They hadn't planned on playing Dave's new "dark goddess" song (I call it
      "Nothing to Believe") but they had multiple requests, which also seemed to
      surprise them since they haven't recorded it yet and apparently haven't
      even played it too many times. They admitted that it didn't yet have a
      name, and Tracy had to remind Dave what key to play it in. My wife was one
      of the requesters... I'd like to know who else asked for it! It sure made a
      big impression on us.

      After the 3rd set the audience provided a thunderous ovation, and they
      performed for about another half hour. Most of this time was spent with
      Dave recounting his Numerical Analysis Epiphany as an intro to Happytown. I
      loved the chance to hear Dave's stories (my favorite part of seeing a great
      songwriter live). He is perhaps the most sincerely humble name-dropper I've
      ever heard (Merle Haggard, Joan Baez, the Dalai Lama, etc).

      Anyway I didn't take down the setlist but I'm pretty sure they did these,
      and probably a few more I missed (this isn't the order):

      When I Go
      Grand Prarie TX
      The River, Where She Sleeps
      Tanglewood Tree
      The Mountain
      Crocodile Man
      Walkin Away from Caroline
      Cat-Eye Willie
      Tillman Co.
      Gentle Arms of Eden
      Ordinary Town
      Nothing to Believe
      Hey Conductor
      Highway 80
      Gentle Soldier of My Soul

      Oh about me, I came to Dave and Tracy via the Nields/Falcon Ridge
      connection, which is how I've found out about a lot of other really good
      music. Dave is now in my pantheon of great songwriters, which includes
      Nerissa Nields, Dar Williams, Elvis Costello, Michael Timmins, Janis Ian,
      Paul Simon and a few others... I just checked Musi-Cal and they're supposed
      to be in Syracuse in February with Joan Baez and Richard Shindell, I can't

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