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Tracy's New Hope Winery Concert - Saturday Night, Nov. 5

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  • Ken Yavit
    Went to the concert last night. It d been a while since we d seen Tracy, and the news of the new Dave & Tracy CD coming out lit a fire under us to get out to
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 6, 2011
      Went to the concert last night. It'd been a while since we'd seen Tracy, and
      the news of the new Dave & Tracy CD coming out lit a fire under us to get
      out to see her with hopes of hearing some heretofore unheard Dave Carter

      Tracy didn't disappoint. She was in fine form, with a couple of guys in her
      band. Rob Schnell on percussion, vocals, drums and guitar (and some
      technology as well, employing a looping device for a couple songs), and
      Michael Kurman on bass, guitar and vocals.

      She played two sets, first set was a bit under an hour and the second set
      was a few minutes over an hour. The 2 song encore included a song with the
      band and then "Pancho & Lefty" solo.

      Not only did we get to hear some rare Dave Carter material (more about that
      later), Tracy also included a couple of good old songs from the D&T catalog
      at the behest of Rob. Tracy sang "30 Bad Summers in Tillman County" and Rob
      played guitar and sang lead on "Tanglewood Tree" while Tracy did the
      counterpoint vocals and violin.

      But what was especially touching was Tracy's telling of many Dave stories,
      including about 2012 being the decenial of Dave's death. She talked about
      the upcoming "Little Blue Egg" dropping at the end of January. But she also
      told me that she will be gearing up the Dave Carter legacy machine for the
      festival season in 2012.

      She also taked about the events in Portland in 1995 leading up to her
      meeting Dave, the events immediately preceeding his death when they were in
      Brooklyn with two of the bandmates from their tour with Joan Baez, George
      Javori and Byron Isaacs. Tracy talked about introducing George and Byron to
      a new song that Dave had just written. Byron had recorded it on a little
      tape recorder so he could work up his part of the arrangement for their gig
      at Falcon Ridge the following weekend. Tracy then spoke of how when Dave
      died the day after this rehearsal, she got right on the phone to Byron to
      make sure that he didn't lose that tape recording. That was "Phantom Doll."

      More in a day or two.

      Ken Yavit

      Glenside, PA

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