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Tracy's July newsletter.

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    TRACY GRAMMER July 2006 Newsletter http://www.tracygrammer.com http://www.myspace.com/tracygrammer ... Hello friends, This is a summer of transition,
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      July 2006 Newsletter

      > NEWS

      Hello friends,

      This is a summer of transition, reorganization, and thoughtful
      consideration of the future. This is a soul-searching summer. In my
      new office in the woods, I'm finishing projects, purging files and
      memorabilia, and writing while mourning the disappearance of my
      kitty companion of almost 10 years, Nick. The brook is swollen with
      rainwater and the pond is full of frogs and the occasional snapping
      turtle; a small porcupine family makes a home in an abandoned dog
      house up the dirt road. My company now is the sound of the breeze in
      the high trees and the rush of water below, and the chirping and
      buzzing of all the critters who live in these woods. There's life
      all around but it's quiet in my heart, a time to be still and

      There IS a new project for summer, a new recording that I am
      delighted to (finally) present to you... and I am working madly on
      the songbooks to have them ready for Falcon Ridge this month. Read
      on. And have a wonderful 4th. Hope to see you again very soon. ~tg



      SEVEN IS THE NUMBER ... PRE-SELLING NOW. In May, I worked in
      Portland with engineer Mark Frethem to put the finishing touches on
      SEVEN IS THE NUMBER, the final full-length CD by Dave Carter & Tracy
      Grammer. This album is essentially a re-recording of Dave Carter's
      solo album, "Snake-Handlin Man," which went out of print in 1998. We
      wanted to try recording those songs again as a duo, so late in
      December of 2001, we set up Tracy's Kitchen Studio in our home and
      got busy re-interpreting them. Dave sings lead throughout and I
      harmonize; the album is very much in the tradition of WHEN I GO, our
      first album together, with a few added textures and inspirations.

      The two songs that have appeared on other duo albums ("Cowboy
      Singer" and "The River, Where She Sleeps") were replaced by new
      songs -- the title cut, and "Gas Station Girl." The cover art, track
      lists and lyrics are posted on both websites.

      You can pre-order your copy NOW at either tracygrammer.com or
      daveandtracy.com. I'm expecting the album to ship the week of July
      17. My mom, the merchandise Queen, will send them to you the DAY she
      gets them. I am looking forward to hearing your reactions to this


      Complete up-to-date list at http://www.tracygrammer.com
      Concert schedule is updated constantly; times subject to change.
      Please call ahead to confirm.

      07/21-23 Hillsdale NY, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, tba,
      08/02 Whately MA, Watermelon Wednesdays-West Whately Chapel, 7:30pm,
      08/12 Portland OR, The Bite of Oregon, 3:30pm,
      10/12 Sarasota FL, New College/Sainer Auditorium, 8pm, 941-359-4250
      10/13 Tampa FL, Concerts in the UU Dome, 8pm, 813-988-8188
      10/15 Savannah GA, Savannah Folk Music Festival, 5pm, 912-651-6417
      10/20 Lincoln NE, The Loft at The Mill, 8pm, 402-580-8656


      Shipping/handling not included. Order two items or more for Priority
      Mail delivery.

      SEVEN IS THE NUMBER !!!NEW!!!*pre-selling now* cd (2006, Dave Carter
      & Tracy Grammer) $15
      FLOWER OF AVALON cd (2005) $15
      FLOWER OF AVALON signed/numbered print, *limited edition* $35
      THE VERDANT MILE cd (2004) 7 songs. $10
      DRUM HAT BUDDHA cd (2001, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      TANGLEWOOD TREE cd (2000, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      WHEN I GO cd (1998, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      TSUNAMI RELIEF PROJECT cd (Attagirl Records, compilation) $15 * all
      proceeds to CARE
      SONGBOOKS - Tanglewood Tree or Drum Hat Buddha, $15 each

      by this merit may all beings be free of suffering.
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