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Falcon Ridge Follow-Up...

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  • buddhaphest2002
    Greetings from Alaska Everyone, I want to thank each and every one of you who came out to Falcon Ridge. It was the most wonderful memorial and tribute for Dave
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      Greetings from Alaska Everyone,
      I want to thank each and every one of you who came out to Falcon
      Ridge. It was the most wonderful memorial and tribute for Dave Carter.
      Melissa and Daniel Glasser, thank you so much for the tent, sleeping
      bag, 2 pads, pair of socks, water, breakfast and friendship. You made
      me feel like I was home....Robin, Lou, and Chelsea--thank you for
      setting up a shrine for Dave and creating CAMP HAPPYTOWN and hosting
      the gathering of kindred souls. Thanks also for taking me home,
      offering me a place to sleep, fresh Italian pastries and your ears.
      I'll always treasure those few moments we got to share and I look
      forward to meeting you again in the near future.
      I'm back,safe and sound sort of....still missing some stuff in the
      rush of packing but I've pretty much landed. The time change and lack
      of sleep and heat all combined to make me one tired lady.....I have
      so much to tell .....some of the highlights of the Falcon Ridge Folk
      Festival in New York were meeting so many new (to me)
      singer/songwriters with amazing vocals and even more amazing songs.
      It was a mecca of words and melodies and rhythms. They were all
      quality people as well as fine musicians, which made it even more
      Signature Sounds, Dave and Tracy's record label set up a booth
      adjacent to their own, as a shrine for Dave. Tracy had pictures of
      Dave, as well as the Dalai Lama, candles, incense, and other sacred
      objects, a memory book and flowers. She received people and all
      sorts of gifts all weekend in that little shady space; people who
      were desparate to talk with her and share their stories of love for
      Dave. She looked like leaf blowing in the wind,fragile and delicate,
      yet sticking her ground with composure and grace. I gave Tracy 3 or 4
      big hugs, a card, some earrings, a book on Buddhism and a scarf, and
      sent hellos and hugs from the all the Alaskan's like you, Rick
      Brooks, Shawn Zuke, Will Johnson and others.
      There was a formal memorial Sat. night on the Main Stage where the
      featured artists sang Dave songs, with Tracy singing, the Mountain
      and Gentle Soldier, opening and closing the hour. Then after that,
      our camp,Happytown, held an informal gathering where we shared who we
      were and how Dave had touched our lives. Of course, by the time it
      came to me I was totally bawling, but I got out a few choice
      feelings...Then, we sang his songs and ours, we signed a t-shirt for
      Tracy and a piece of paper with all our names. 51 people signed the
      paper, but there were probably 75 or so off and on for the 5 hours
      (10:00pm-3:30am)Tracy joined in about midnight and stayed till the
      end. Tracy sang us a couple of unrecorded songs as did Rob, the guy
      who has the Dave and Tracy chord site, and she told stories of things
      Dave did and said that made us laugh and cry. The caliber of people
      at this sharing was incredible--they were intelligent, articulate,
      compassionate, and passionate about life and
      Dave. The next day, a few of the showcases featured Dave songs and it
      was great singing along and hearing his music go on. .......
      A mystical event took place at the end, while Tracy was cleaning up
      the booth site. She was dead-heading flowers from the bouquets,
      tossing them down randomly when she noticed that the flowers were
      forming a circle. She said it was like the flowers were being sucked
      into a vortex and spinning 'round. More people started adding to the
      circle and by the late afternoon there was a definite ring of flowers
      about 6 feet in diameter and beautiful.Tracy sat and watched with
      friends, people's reactions to this living
      shrine. It was a stunning memorial to a man who came round full
      circle and danced in the garden of life.
      I am so appreciative that I was able to share in the making of
      history and in honoring a great man of this century. My next CD is
      already being planned, "In the Garden and Dancing".
      All my love to everyone who signed my t-shirt and Tracy's and all the
      wonderful folk,
      Lili McGovern
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