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Amy Martin NW tour

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  • Jessica Byers
    Hiya. Do we have any more tour reports about D&T? I am posting this info about Amy Martin here since she is a huge D&T fan and played at their Writer s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002
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      Hiya. Do we have any more tour reports about D&T?

      I am posting this info about Amy Martin here since she is a huge D&T
      fan and played at their Writer's Round-up in November (and will be
      opening for Lucy K in April). Go see her!


      Amy Martin, Missoula, Montana's favorite singer-songwriter, has just
      embarked on a Northwest tour. Go check her out if you are in any of
      these places (Seattle, Bellingham, Olympia, Portland, Eugene,
      Lewiston, Dexter) in the next week or two. She will be accompanied
      on this tour by guitarist Mason Tuttle, a rare opportunity to see
      these two play together outside Missoula.

      For more info see http://www.amy-martin.com or http://www.musi-cal.com

      Quotes from the Press

      "With her first CD, the rich and beautiful To You, Martin proved
      herself to be the West's answer to East Coast pop-folkie Dar
      Williams. She sings intelligent story songs, some personal, some
      -- Spokesman Review (Spokane, Washington)

      "To You exhibits a pervasive and intuitive intelligence. Everything
      works together to make this one of the best albums I've heard all
      yearŠI was blown away by the lyricsŠHer style is as bluesy and bold
      as it is melodic and ear-pleasing, and her vocals are as pure and
      steady as a young Joni MitchellŠMartin's songs reveal more with each
      -- Pacific Northwest Inlander (Spokane, Washington)

      "With a voice as gentle and searing as Lucinda Williams and lyrics as
      detailed as Dar Williams, Amy Martin glides though her second album,
      Unbroken, with grace and diversityŠ. With all the music inside Amy
      Martin, how can she keep from singing?" -- Missoulian Entertainer
      (Missoula, Montana)

      "Missoula, Montana's Amy Martin is a free spirit who, after only two
      years of professional performance, has already reached a level of
      versatility and maturity in her music usually reserved for far more
      seasoned players."
      - Pulse of the Twin Cities
      (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

      Friday March 1st 8pm
      Zoka Coffee Roastery free
      2200 N. 56th St
      Seattle, WA

      Saturday, March 2nd 8pm free
      Stuart's Coffeehouse
      1302 Bay Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

      Sunday, March 3rd 7pm $5
      Terra Organica
      929-A North State St
      Bellingham, WA

      Wednesday March 6th noon
      Evergreen State College, CAB Deli
      Olympia, WA

      Wednesday, March 6th, 9pm
      The Buzz Coffeehouse
      University or Oregon, Eugene, OR
      Eugene, OR

      Thursday, March 7th 1:30pm
      Lost Valley Educational Center
      Dexter, OR
      Chris at 541-937-3351
      81868 Lost Valley Lane

      Friday March 8th 7pm
      Touchstone Coffeehouse
      Portland OR
      7631 NE Glisan

      Sat March 9th 8pm
      Blackbird Java
      326 Main Street
      Lewiston, ID 83501
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