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6846Tracy Concert

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  • Ken Stiffler
    Jul 30, 2012
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      After missing out - for ten years, beginning when Dave and Tracy were still performing as a duo! - I finally was in the right place at the right time to see Tracy live Sunday evening at her performance at the Woodford Church of Christ in Woodford/Milford CT.

      To sum it up: Wow!

      As much as I've enjoyed Tracy's solo CDs (especially Jackson Browne's "In The Shape Of A Heart" on Book Of Sparrows), I just had this idea that I would enjoy her concert, but feel the absence of Dave. After all, so many of the songs that I like, Dave did the vocals on. And, aside from having written most of the songs that Tracy performs, many of the individual song recordings that I appreciate so much have his presence all over them.

      After the concert, I had a long drive ahead of me. After a long gap of silence to allow the concert to soak in, when I was finally ready to listen to more music, I didn't start out listening to the Dave and Tracy CDs. I went right to the Tracy solo CDs - and played each of them twice through (including her two songs at the 2002 FRFF Dave tribute that some kind person gave me a recording of) before moving on to the Dave and Tracy CDs.

      Dave was probably wrong about staying home to write and sending Tracy out to perform the songs - from the videos I've seen (and, of course, the comments from people on these e-mail lists), he was too good in performance to not keep doing it. But, it would be nice to think that, had Dave lived, somewhere along the way, Tracy would have decided to go out on a solo tour and developed enough of a taste for it to mix the occasional solo tour among the Dave and Tracy tours. As much as I'd love to have seen, and still be seeing, Dave and Tracy together, it would be a real shame to never have had the pleasure of a whole show where the focus is on Tracy from start to finish!

      I'm not going to attempt a set list, but I will say that there were some surprises in there. If you haven't seen Tracy live - go see her at your first opportunity. If you have seen her live - go again at your first opportunity!