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Re: Fortsatt aktivitet?

Tja, - aktivitet? Det har vel ikke kommet mange nye bilder de siste åra, men jeg holder øye med siden og slipper inn folk som ber om innpass. Det er ikke
Jun 30, 2013

Fortsatt aktivitet?

Heisan. Leeenge siden jeg var innom. Er dette fortsatt en aktiv gruppe?
Jun 30, 2013

no acyivity ? !

I calculate that HH has left us with nearly 400 photos, all of Norwegian regnfrakker. It would be tragic if this yahoo group was closed through lack of
harald gummihette
Nov 17, 2011
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Re: recent pictures as message from Kate

The female you mention is wearing my favorite (as mentioned in a previous message) slicker, Kelly Longcoat. And, no, I have not been able to find a picture of
Aug 23, 2011

Re: recent pictures as message from Kate

Thank you Duncan. You are indeed an expert. I envy your extensive knowledge of my favourite subject. I would be happy with the male model in the photo you
harald gummihette
Aug 15, 2011

Re: recent pictures as message from Kate

I can guarantee that the blue slicker on the guy is a Kelly Longcoat. Men's slickers in the 1960s were dark greengray or green, also black. If you look at HH's
Aug 14, 2011

Re: recent pictures as message from Kate

I have found the photo in October 2010. I thought same as you at the time. Certainly the wrong colour and possibly a female style but not sure on that. You are
harald gummihette
Aug 13, 2011

Re: recent pictures as message from Kate

Sorry, Harald - October 2010.
Jul 31, 2011

Re: recent pictures as message from Kate

Duncan, I cannot traace the photo you mention. My first Dec 2010 is the girl sitting on the loo deep in the forest. Please give us another refence. I would
harald gummihette
Jul 30, 2011

Re: Oslo

Thank you on behalf of my Norwegian compatriots and myself. I feel very proud of the Norwegians calm, collected and correct, as far as the closed inquest on
harald gummihette
Jul 30, 2011

Re: recent pictures as message from Kate

I was looking through HH's pictures from 2010, and in the December collection I saw that the first picture, the one from inside a store, is showing four
Jul 26, 2011


Dear Norwegians, HH and Harald in Newcastle. Jos and I are so saddened by the events in Norway that we read and saw on the TV over the week-end. You have our
jocelyn and kathleen
Jul 25, 2011

Re: recent pictures as message from Kate

Hope we can keep this group moving in the absense of HH and his monthly collection of photos. Duncan - can you tell us something else of interest/   Harald,
jocelyn and kathleen
Jul 18, 2011

recent pictures as message from Kate

Firstly, to Duncan, see the File by HH on Viking Seventeens. My mother had one and I then bought one for myself to keep in secretto and they both identify
harald gummihette
Jun 27, 2011

Re: Duncans last message

Re: Viking Seventeens et al: This is what I know: Both the Seventeen and the Kellymac appeared at the same time - 1962 - and they are more or less identical.
Jun 19, 2011
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