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4Alexa joining WR troop

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  • powellshrink
    Jun 8, 2008
      Hi, everyone-

      I wanted to let you all know that Alexa was invited to join a Brownie
      troop of homeschoolers in West Roxbury, and we've decided to accept.
      They have a meeting time and location that works really well for us,
      and given gas prices (Yikes!) and the fact that we already are
      committed to travelling to Quincy twice a week, we felt this was the
      best decision for us right now.

      I could tell from our brief meeting that you will have a very
      successful troop. Your children are lucky to have such caring, kind,
      and thoughtful moms. I wish you all the best with your troop, and
      maybe we'll even see you at Girl Scout events!