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319RE: [DailySittingMeditation] Living Well without Regrets

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  • Hai Nguyen
    Jul 30, 2012
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      Hello Hiromi,
      Congratulation on "meditating over 100 days."  This is an outstanding accomplishment.
      Regarding the benefits from meditation, based on your email, you have gained the most important benefit of meditation and that is awareness.  It sound like you are much more mindful about your mind and your surrounding which is a huge achievement.  The path of well-being begins with clear comprehension.
      Thank you for sharing,



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      Thank you for sharing the good article.   I can relate myself to courage to express my feelings and let/chose myself be happier.  

      As a high school teacher,  I suppress my feelings with others all the time.   Thanks to Hai,  I have been meditating over 100 days this year so far.   I am not sure what exactly I gained from meditation, however I noticed that my health is improving and I am learning hot to work with thoughts that comes up frequently that upsets me.    




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      I would like to share with you a short writing on "Living Well without Regrets" at  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hai-Nguyen/180535832038069
      Happy Sunday (:-))

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