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316Re: Technology can bring more Balance to Life

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  • Nguyen, Ly
    Jul 29, 2012
      Thanks for sharing the article, Bac Hai.

      I've been spending a lot of time on mindful breathing these days, especially with my regular yoga practice. When you go deep into each move for a while, I start to feel the pain, but with mindful breathing, I find myself capable of simply rooting myself, becoming aware of the pain and simply observe it. And it really feels great when you realize you can do that.

      Or yesterday, when I was on a motorbike trip with my friend to Ocean City, my back was starting to hurt after a while, but as I became aware and paid attention to mindful breathing, I started to straighten up my posture and able to take in more of the beauty of nature at the same time. 

      I really think mindful breathing can do miracles in our lives, and as we practice it more regularly, it will come to us more naturally, and every little difference adds up.

      Have a great Sunday,

      Ly Nguyen, MPP
      Assistant Director
      Girls Excelling in Math and Science
      College Park, MD 20742

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