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314Technology can bring more Balance to Life

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  • Hai Nguyen
    Jul 27, 2012

    Hello friends,
    I have recently returned from a trip overseas and then got involved with many activities at Sinh Thuc Meditation Center.   I hope that everyone are enjoying the Summer.
    We often hear that today digital age, as wonderful as it is in making our life more connected to the world, has also caused more stress and undesired complication in our life.  Therefore, it is quite refreshing to have read a recent article on how technology help bringing more balace into our life.  The article on New York Times is attached.
    Enjoy reading and please continue to nurture the Sunflower in you with love and joy each day by the simple act of mindful breathing.  The Sunflower plant needs the Sunlight, the fresh air and regular watering to grow.  Similarly we need love and joy to be well and the mindful breath is the basic and practical practice that everyone can do to bring about love and joy.  Remember "Happiness is not a matter of faith; It is a matter of practice"
    Please share with us your stories or photos on how you are nurturing your Sunflower (:-))
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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