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365 Tao - Tree

September 3 Day 246 TREE Did you measure to attain your height? Did you use geometry to radiate your limbs? Did you lament storm-torn branches? Did you
Sue in NJ
1:42 AM

Tao Te Ching Chapter 42 - D C Lau's translation

42 The way begets one; One begets two; Two begets three; Three begets the myriad creatures. The myriad creatures carry on their backs the yin and embrace in
Sue in NJ
1:40 AM

365 Tao - Garden

September 2 Day 245 GARDEN Blinding heat divides day from night, Brands short shadows into fecund soil. Green tendrils, heavy with beans, Coil around rustic
Sue in NJ
Sep 2

Tao Te Ching Chapter 41 - D C Lau's translation

41 When the best student hears about the way He practises it assiduously; When the average student hears about the way It seems to him there one moment and
Sue in NJ
Sep 2

365 Tao - Farmers

September 1 Day 244 FARMERS Plain country folk with rounded bodies, Skin turning to bronze in the valley heat. Why talk to them about Tao? They eat when they
Sue in NJ
Sep 1

Tao Te Ching Chapter 40 - D C Lau's translation

40 Turning back is how the way moves; Weakness is the means the way employs. The myriad creatures in the world are born from Something, and Something from
Sue in NJ
Sep 1

365 Tao - Dialogue

August 31 Day 243 DIALOGUE I still talk in my sleep. I still dream. How can there be perfect stillness When my brain's so noisy? We carry on a constant
Sue in NJ
Aug 31

Tao Te Ching Chapter 39 - D C Lau's translation

39 Of old, these came to be in possession of the One: Heaven in virtue of the One is limpid; Earth in virtue of the One is settled; Gods in virtue of the One
Sue in NJ
Aug 31

365 Tao - Heart

August 30 Day 242 HEART Imagine your heart as an opening lotus. From its center comes a crimson child, Pure, virginal, and innocent. One meditation gives this
Sue in NJ
Aug 30

Tao Te Ching Chapter 38 - D C Lau's translation

38 A man of the highest virtue does not keep to virtue and that is why he has virtue. A man of the lowest virtue never strays from virtue and that is why he is
Sue in NJ
Aug 30

Tao Te Ching Chapter 37 - D C Lau's translation

37 The way never acts, yet nothing is left undone. Should lords and princes be able to hold fast to it, The myriad creatures will be transformed of their own
Sue in NJ
Aug 29

365 Tao - Utopia

August 29 Day 241 UTOPIA Chant one million times for world peace, they told me. Pray three times a day to end all wars. Practice austerities to liberate all
Sue in NJ
Aug 28

Tao Te Ching Chapter 36 - D C Lau's translation

36 If you would have a thing shrink, You must first stretch it; If you would have a thing weakened, You must first strengthen it; If you would have a thing
Sue in NJ
Aug 28

365 Tao - Youth

August 27 Day 239 YOUTH You've left home too soon: Dunks frighten you, profligates paw you. What good is a hermit's jewel? Young people need compassion and
Sue in NJ
Aug 27

Tao Te Ching Chapter 35 - D C Lau's translation

35 Have in your hold the great image And the empire will come to you. Coming to you and meeting with no harm It will be safe and sound. Music and food Will
Sue in NJ
Aug 27
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