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365 Tao - February 13

February 13 Day 44 STRETCHING When young, things are soft. When old, things are brittle. Stretching -- both literally and metaphorically -- is a necessary part
Sue in NJ
1:42 AM

Tao Te Ching Chapter 41 - John Wu's translation

41. WHEN a wise scholar hears the Tao, He practices it diligently. When a mediocre scholar hears the Tao, He wavers between belief and unbelief. When a
Sue in NJ
1:41 AM

Tao Te Ching Chapter 40 - John Wu's translation

40. THE movement of the Tao consists in Returning. The use of the Tao consists in softness. All things under heaven are born of the corporeal: The corporeal is
Sue in NJ
Feb 12

365 Tao - February 12

February 12 Day 43 PERSEVERANCE Invisible lines. The fisherman repairs his net And the fish are nearly caught. If a fisherman does not have a properly repaired
Sue in NJ
Feb 12

365 Tao - February 11

February 11 Day 42 WALKING Trail beside stream, Fragrant pine. Rocky red earth, Steep mountain. Walking may be a good metaphor for spiritual life, but there
Sue in NJ
Feb 11

Tao Te Ching Chapter 39 - John Wu's translation

39. FROM of old there are not lacking things that have attained Oneness. The sky attained Oneness and became clear; The earth attained Oneness and became calm;
Sue in NJ
Feb 11

Tao Te Ching Chapter 38 - John Wu's translation

38. HIGH Virtue is non-virtuous; Therefore it has Virtue. Low Virtue never frees itself from virtuousness; Therefore it has no Virtue. High Virtue makes no
Sue in NJ
Feb 10

365 Tao - February 10

February 10 Day 41 RESOLUTION Footsteps in the sand Quickly washed away: The seashore mind. Going to the beach means walking in fresh air, listening to the
Sue in NJ
Feb 10

365 Tao - February 9

February 9 Day 40 SUBCONSCIOUS Heaven and hell; Our subconscious. Meditation opens seldom glimpsed areas of our subconscious. When that happens, extraordinary
Sue in NJ
Feb 9

Tao Te Ching Chapter 37 - John Wu's translation

37. TAO never makes any ado, And yet it does everything. If a ruler can cling to it, All things will grow of themselves. When they have grown and tend to make
Sue in NJ
Feb 9

365 Tao - February 8

February 8 Day 39 WORRY Worry is an addiction That interferes with compassion. Worry is a problem that seems to be rampant. Perhaps it is due to the nature of
Sue in NJ
Feb 8

Tao Te Ching Chapter 36 - John Wu's translation

36. WHAT is in the end to be shrunken, Begins by being first stretched out. What is in the end to be weakened, Begins by being first made strong. What is in
Sue in NJ
Feb 8

365 Tao - February 7

February 7 Day 38 ADAPTING Heaven embraces the horizon. No matter how jagged the profile, The sky faithfully conforms. Wherever you are, the sky constantly
Sue in NJ
Feb 7

Tao Te Ching Chapter 35 - John Wu's translation

35. HE who holds the Great Symbol will attract all things to him. They flock to him and receive no harm, for in him they find peace, security and happiness.
Sue in NJ
Feb 7

365 Tao - February 6

February 6 Day 37 DISCORD When birds fly too high, They sing out of tune. There are times when we feel out of harmony with our surroundings, matters do not go
Sue in NJ
Feb 6
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