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365 Tao - Latent

May 24 Day 144 LATENT Prophets and priest teach the form of Tao. Tao's essence cannot be taught. It is latent, And cannot be known by learning. Why do
Sue in NJ
3:55 AM

Tao Te Ching Chapter 21 - Ellen Chen's translation

21 The features (yung) of the vast (k'ung) Te, Follows entirely (wei) from Tao. Tao as a thing, Is entirely illusive (huang) and evasive (hu). Evasive and
Sue in NJ
3:54 AM

Tao Te Ching Chapter 20 -Ellen Chen's translation

20 Eliminate (chüeh) learning so as to have no worries, Yes and no, how far apart are they? Good and evil, how far apart are they? What the sages (jen) fear,
Sue in NJ
May 23

365 Tao - Intuition

May 23 Day 143 INTUITION Hawk doesn't think during the hunt. It does not care for theory or ethics. All that it does is natural. Animals live simple lives
Sue in NJ
May 23

Tao Te Ching Chapter 19 - Ellen Chen's translation

19 Eliminate sagacity (sheng), discard knowledge (chih), People will be profited (li) a hundredfold. Eliminate humanity (jen), discard righteousness (i),
Sue in NJ
May 22

365 Tao - Leisure

May 22 Day 142 LEISURE Birds chirp, vanguard for coming rain, Dog bark skitters through twilight village. Smoke raises a column through the pines, Contented
Sue in NJ
May 22

365 Tao - Wrinkles

May 21 Day 141 WRINKLES Lines on the face, tattoos of aging. Life is proved upon the body Like needle-jabs from a blind machine. The older one gets, the more
Sue in NJ
May 21

Tao Te Ching Chapter 18 - Ellen Chen's translation

18 On the decline of the great Tao, There are humanity (jen) and righteousness (i). When intelligence (hui) and knowledge (chih) appear, There is great
Sue in NJ
May 21

365 Tao - Dissent

Day 140 May 20 DISSENT Old man: Dissent is not disloyalty. Be careful before you retaliate. Your steel wrapped in cotton May only be brittle bone wrapped in
Sue in NJ
May 20

Tao Te Ching Chapter 17 - Ellen Chen's translation

17 The best government, the people know it is just there. The next best, they love and praise it. The next, they fear it. The next, they revile against it.
Sue in NJ
May 20

365 Tao - Marriage

May 19 Day 139 MARRIAGE Wall of flames, bridge of tears. Snowflake on newly forged links. For a marriage to last, a couple must go through great travails and
Sue in NJ
May 19

Tao Te Ching Chapter 16 - Ellen Chen's translation

16 Reach the pole of emptiness (hsü-chi), Abide in genuine quietude (ching). Ten thousand beings flourish together, I am to contemplate (kuan) their return
Sue in NJ
May 19

Tao Te Ching Chapter 15 - Ellen Chen's translation

15 Those in the past who were good at practicing Tao, Were subtle, mysterious, dark, penetrating (wei miao yüan t'ung), Deep and unrecognizable. Because they
Sue in NJ
May 18

365 Tao - Scholasticism

May 18 Day 138 SCHOLASTICISM Ocean inside a skull-cup, Seeking the universal code in letters. The mind is like a flower on icy water: An eye within the petals.
Sue in NJ
May 18

365 Tao - Vulnerabilities

May 17 Day 137 VULNERABILITIES A warrior takes every person as an adversary. He sees all their vulnerable points, And trains to eliminate his own. A sage has
Sue in NJ
May 17
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