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365 Tao - Artist

July 6 Day 187 ARTIST Facing blank paper Is an artist's terror. When an artist creates, he or she is like a shaman. Inspiration comes as a gift. Those who
Sue in NJ
4:13 AM

Tao Te Ching Chapter 64 - Ellen Chen's translation

64 What is at equilibrium is easy (i) to maintain; What has not emerged is easy (i) to plan (mou); What is fragile is easy (i) to dissolve; What is minute is
Sue in NJ
4:12 AM

365 Tao - Point

July 5 Day 186 POINT Make the mind. A single point. The key to any meditation is to concentrate the mind into a single point. There are many methods for doing
Sue in NJ
Jul 5

Tao Te Ching Chapter 63 - Ellen Chen's translation

63 Do (wei) when there is nothing to do (wu-wei), Manage affairs (shih) when there are none to manage, Know (chih) by not knowing. Regard the great as small,
Sue in NJ
Jul 5

365 Tao - Flame

July 4 Day 185 FLAME Enter the cavern with its Walls of tangled strands. Find the living flame That burns on blood. The brain is a physical object that
Sue in NJ
Jul 4

Tao Te Ching Chapter 62 - Ellen Chen's translation

62 To all beings Tao is the hidden secret (ao): To the good persons it is their treasure (pao), To the not good it is that by which they are preserved (pao).
Sue in NJ
Jul 4

365 Tao - Site

July 3 Day 184 SITE Desert: visions. Tropics: possession. Forests: alchemy. Mountains: asceticism. Throughout the world, the site where people practiced
Sue in NJ
Jul 3

Tao Te Ching Chapter 61 - Ellen Chen's translation

61 A large state is down stream (hsia liu). Where the rivers under heaven (t'ien hsia) converge, Is the female (p'in) under heaven. The female always wins the
Sue in NJ
Jul 3

365 Tao - Middle

July 2 Day 183 MIDDLE Those who attain the middle Dominate the whole. Today is the 183rd day. It is exactly the middle day out of 365. Once you reach the
Sue in NJ
Jul 2

Tao Te Ching Chapter 60 - Ellen Chen's Translation

60 Governing a great state, Is like cooking small fish. If you rule the world by Tao, The ghosts (kuei) will lose their spiritual (shen) power. Not that the
Sue in NJ
Jul 2

365 Tao - Flow

July 1 Day 182 FLOW If the boulders are moved, Even a river will change its flow. Except for occasional flooding, the mightiest river keeps to its bed. It
Sue in NJ
Jul 1

Tao Te Ching Chapter 59 - Ellen Chen's translation

59 In governing people and serving heaven, Nothing is better than being sparing (se). Being sparing, Is called early adherence [to Tao]. Adhering early, Is
Sue in NJ
Jul 1

365 Tao - Axle

June 30 Day 181 AXLE The mind is in spinning wheels at the Navel, heart, throat, head. The connecting shaft is emptiness. Without an unobstructed route, Energy
Sue in NJ
Jun 30

Tao Te Ching Chapter 58 - Ellen Chen's translation

58 When the government (cheng) is dull, Its people are wholesome; When the government is efficient (ch'a), Its people are deficient (ch'├╝eh). Calamities (huo)
Sue in NJ
Jun 30

35 Tao - Force

June 29 Day 180 FORCE A sword is never sheathed Until it has tasted blood. A good swordsman Is seldom seen with a sword. Many centuries ago, there was a
Sue in NJ
Jun 29
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