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Tao Te Ching Chapter 46 - Bynner's translation

46 In a land where the way of life is understood Race-horses are led back to serve the field; In a land where the way of life is not understood War-horses are
Sue in NJ
1:40 AM

365 Tao - Retrospective

March 26 Day 85 RETROSPECTIVE You could labor ten years under a master Trying to discern whether the teachings are true. But all you might learn is this: One
Sue in NJ
1:39 AM

365 Tao - Intellect

March 25 Day 83 INTELLECT Scholars, drunk on words and obscure meanings, Weave a tangled web of concordances. Simple practice never occurs to them. Give up
Sue in NJ
Mar 25

Tao Te Ching Chapter 45 - Bynner's translation

45 A man's work, however finished it seem, Continues as long as he live; A man, however perfect he seem, Is needed as long as he live: As long as truth appears
Sue in NJ
Mar 25

365 Tao - Parting

March 24 Day 83 PARTING You and I assumed forever When we became companions. But now, unhappy, you are leaving. The sky turns to bitter candescence Unslaked by
Sue in NJ
Mar 24

Tao Te Ching Chapter 44 - Bynner's translation

44 Which means more to you, You or your renown? Which brings more to you, You or what you own? And which would cost you more If it were gone? The niggard pays,
Sue in NJ
Mar 24

365 Tao - Attunement

March 23 Day 82 ATTUNEMENT Traversing sun leads to a new season, Vernal breath attunes the leaves. Tao is here. It is we who are not always in harmony with it.
Sue in NJ
Mar 23

Tao Te Ching Chapter 43 - Bynner's translation

43 As the soft yield of water cleaves obstinate stone, So to yield with life solves the insoluble: To yield, I have learned, is to come back again. But this
Sue in NJ
Mar 23

365 Tao - Sailing

March 22 Day 81 SAILING Infinite expanse, sleek ocean teaming with life, Turbulent, virile, ever-moving spread, Seamlessly laid to the brilliant sky, I float
Sue in NJ
Mar 22

Tao Te Ching Chapter 42 - Bynner's translation

42 Life, when it came to be, Bore one, then two, then three Elements of things; And thus the three began -Heaven and earth and man- To balance happenings: Cool
Sue in NJ
Mar 22

365 Tao - Opposites

March 21 Day 80 OPPOSITES Before emptying, there must be fullness. Before shrinking, there must be expanding. Before falling, there must be ascent. To destroy
Sue in NJ
Mar 21

Tao Te Ching Chapter 41 - Bynner's translation

41 Men of stamina, knowing the way of life, Steadily keep to it; Unstable men, knowing the way of life, Keep to it or not according to occasion; Stupid men,
Sue in NJ
Mar 21

365 Tao - Spring

March 20 Day 79 SPRING Sun and moon divide the sky, Fragrance blooms on pear wood bones: Earth awakens with a sigh. Wanderer revels on the path alone. It is
Sue in NJ
Mar 20

Tao Te Ching Chapter 40 - Bynner's translation

40 Life on its way returns into a mist, Its quickness is its quietness again: Existence of this world of things and men Renews their never needing to exist.
Sue in NJ
Mar 20

365 Tao - Fear

March 19 Day 78 FEAR Trust the gods within, Accept given boons. Illusion is reality's border: Pierce fear to go beyond. In your meditations, you will meet
Sue in NJ
Mar 19
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