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    Amateur Radio Experimenters Corner The charter and purpose for this new yahoo group is to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2013
      The charter and purpose for this new yahoo group is to further and advance the exchange of information and cooperation among fellow members so as to best promote radio related experimentation, knowledge, sharing, cooperation and individual operating efficiency, which is intended to result in advancing general levels of interest and the overall welfare of Amateur Radio throughout the world and our universe at large. Interestingly and uniquely our group is actively involved with improving inter-operable communications between the various bands and modes of operation such as Analog: LSB,USB,SSB,AM,FM-w/n, etc..|Digital: P25, PSK, FSK, DMR MotoTRBO, NXDN, IRLP, EchoLink, AllStar, Codec-2, D-STAR® (IRCDDBGateway, HotSpots, Node Adapters, Dplus, DV Dongles, DVAP's, D-RATS, Digital Networks - ircDDB, G2 and their Reflectors – XRF,DCS,CCS,REF), HSMM-MESH, etc..

      Keep in mind that we are still busy working at assembling content by adding useful links, files, photographs, etc... of which over time will only become more improved and vast for your reference. Importantly it is also worth noting that we now offer and maintain a geographically vast and growing redundant fault tolerant network of linked and bridged radio repeaters consisting of multiple modes of operation access and bands for radio communication that you will find very convenient and handy when gaining access via your own radio, thus allowing you to operate in your own personal favorite mode of operation and at the same time still be able to seamlessly inter-operate with the many other modes working on our network. 
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