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RE: [DVRPTR_V1] Announcement personal note...

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  • Fred PA4YBR
    Jan, This is a normal decision. You cannot support everything in/on/connectedto the board, you just have to make choices. We did, too. I see nothing
    Message 1 of 7 , May 10, 2013
      This is a normal decision.  You cannot support "everything" in/on/connectedto the
      board, you just have to make choices.   We did, too.  I see nothing wrong with the
      "support rules" laid out in your note!

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      Subject: [DVRPTR_V1] Announcement personal note...


      Hi all,

      I the first DV-RPTR group I'm still a "moderated" member, I posted this "special offer" too, but now - a day later - it's not approved by the group-owner...
      So I will continue my support for the DV-RPTR V1 hardware only in THIS group - simply because I can't answer quick in the other group...

      So for every question or request a user must decide with domain it is:

      DV-RPTR V1 hardware, opensource Firmware (V1.10e, V1.69b):
      THIS group, DO1FJN

      DV-RPTR V2 hardware:
      old DV-RPTR group, DG1HT

      Firmware (close source) and ControlCenter:
      old DV-RPTR group, DJ0ABR

      Jonathan's Repeater Software:
      "pcrepeatercontroller" Yahoo group

      Almost 100% of reflector / DCS problems caused on the PC site...

      I'm not happy about this splitting...


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