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Re: [DVRPTR_V1] Development for DV-RPTR (P.25 / DMR and more)

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  • Howard Small
    Would love to go do it - just don t have the necessary skills :( Howard
    Message 1 of 16 , Apr 5, 2013
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      Would love to go do it - just don't have the necessary skills :(


      On 05/04/2013, at 23:44, "Fred PA4YBR" <fred@...> wrote:


      Well, like Jan said.. the source is available, go do it!
      That said... I somehow feel that Motorola will not be too fond of any
      "open developments" in their arena.  They are nasty about DMR, so
      probably with P25 as well....

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      All true. However P25 is now finding its way to the second hand market - I have four xts3000 (each with 256 channels) which cost me $150 each plus a couple of Spectras that were cheaper. This makes them reasonably attractive for ham use.



      On 04/04/2013, at 1:44, Ron Wright <mccrpt@...> wrote:


      There are some local Hams doing P25, maybe 3.  Also couple doing the ICOM commercial digital (non-DTAR)/analog hybrid FR6000 repeater.  Nice package.

      However, ICOM's DSTAR is for Ham Radio.  A single band HT P25 radio is more expensive than the 880 or 80 and must be programmed with software and is usually only a few channels.

      DSTAR was made for Ham Radio.  The P25 and other like formats and radios are for commercial service where one has a dumb op who knows 3 things...This knob turns radio on, to talk push here, to listen do not push here.

      It is interesting to see some playing with these other modes for commercial guys are far more advanced than Hams, but the radios are not user friendly, that is does not allow one to do things with radios like us Hams...like tune and talk from the front panel.

      73, ron, n9ee/r

      Ron Wright, N9EE/R
      Micro Computer Concepts

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      Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 15:19:07 +0000
      Subject: [DVRPTR_V1] Development for DV-RPTR (P.25 / DMR and more)

      Hi folks,

      From time to time someone ask about the P.25 functionality... but till today no one except me develop new stuff for the open source firmware.

      It's a pity!

      I ever want a APCO P.25 module to create Hotspots / Repeater for it, but it need a bit time and skills to do that.

      In the moment I write a Interface documentation for developer and prepare modules for the new AMBE-Board.

      I hope some one will be a part of firmware development - it's a huge area:
      - optimized, well-calculated GMSK demodulator
      - C4FM
      - APCO P.25 air interface
      - DMR air interface (repeater)
      - packet radio, AX.25, 6pack, TNC
      - ...

      They are a lot of requests for the firmware.

      73 de
      Jan, DO1FJN

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