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631RE: November Update

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  • iba9241
    Nov 6, 2013
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      My condolences Bruce.  Sorry to hear of your loss.

      Waiting anxiously for my DVRPTR_V1 board and looking forward to FINALLY getting on D-Star.


      Gord - VA3TWT

      ---In DVRPTR_V1@yahoogroups.com, <bruce.given@...> wrote:

      November update


      Hi Everybody,


      Sorry for the lack of an update for a while.

      October was a difficult month for me personally with an unscheduled trip back to New Zealand for a Funeral, followed by a lot of business travel this took my focus away from the DVRPTR_V1 for longer than I would have liked.


      We had some issues (again) with the Contract Manufacturer (CM) of the boards but these have since been cleared up and we are in the process of moving to a new CM this has also caused a delay in the re-introduction of the new AMBE2020 board .


      The delay gave me some time to have some additional stock of the DVRPTR_V1 built up which I hope to have in hand this week and start shipping to the patient people on the waiting list, unfortunately I will not have any AMBE2020 to ship for a month or so.


      So in short I apologize for the delays but I hope to be caught up in the next few days


      As always thanks for the continued support and please don’t hesitate to contact me at



      Kindest regards



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