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615RE: RX Window For Commerical Radio Inerface

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  • do1fjn
    Oct 21, 2013

      Hello Group,

      A DV-RPTR board can handle signals up to 1.5Vss w/o clipping. 99% of known receivers produces a 300-500mVss signal while receiving a 1.2kHz modulated signal.

      In the case a GMSK signal is clipped symmetrically (frequency offset at startup low enough) it doesn't matte the demodulation algorithm (hard decision at zero).


      Jan, DO1FJN

      ---In dvrptr_v1@yahoogroups.com, <nn1d@...> wrote:

      Hello Group,

      I was wondering how does one adjust the RX window for different Commercial radio interfaces.
      Having Past Experience with Satoshi and Moen boards along with sound card interfaces, they ALL have input audio adjustments "pots" or software adjustments to compensate the different disc, levels.

      this board does not, and the typical its all done internal reason don't sit well with me

      Satoshi input level was so critical that one fraction of a turn rendered you all R2D2 with 2 different repeaters systems
      Kenwood TKR-750
      Motorola Quantar

      any help? with adjustments

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